Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Candy factory and Jack conversation

Jack invited cute Kory to join us on our journey to the candy factory. We watched hard candy lollipops be created. It was pretty cool. There was free candy after too.

After our factory tour we headed to park with sticky hands and faces. Jack and Kory decided to play "Home" Jack leaned over to Kory and said; "I will be the husband and you can be the mom" 
Kory: OK, my rooms up there and yours is here
They both head to their rooms and pretend to sleep
Kory: Hey hunny are you awake?
Jack: Yeah
Kory: what are you going to do?
Jack: I am going to the bathroom
Jack heads off to another part of the park and pretends to open a door and steps into what is his pretend bathroom and shuts the door and sits down. Then for about one minute he makes all sorts of grunting sounds and funny faces.
Kori: Hunny bun what the heck are you doing?
Jack: Trying to poo!
Kori: Its taking SO long and I am done with the kids its your turn

HA! Kids are hilarious this is better than TV any day. 

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Rebecca said...

Hilarious story! And great photos!

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