Saturday, October 29, 2011

A little while ago I found myself crying on the phone to an officer...

Why? I will explain why.

Here is my eye witness I sent via email to the officer excluding the ugly language:

At 9:35-9:40am today, Saturday 29th October I was at the interception of Oak St and Hampden frontage road just west of Homestead golf course. I didn't stop fully at the stop sign and cut of a man of coming from the east driving a car that looked similar to a ford explorer or trail blazer. I take full responsibility for this and am utterly ashamed of it! The car was dark brown/grey with tinted windows, the car plate was xxx xxx. The man in the car was closely tailing me and in my rear mirror I could see him yelling at me and using very offensive words. Feeling nervous I pulled into the road Newcombe the next road after Oak Street and pulled on to the side. He swerved around my car and pulled in front of me.
Swiftly getting out of his car he heads toward my car. I am scared and feel very threatened by this white Caucasian, wearing mostly black, with short almost shaved black hair and facial hair as he headed towards me. I lock my car and open the window an inch or so. 
He starts yelling almost screaming at me saying things using such awful abusive language but all I will share that is appropriate is "If I was on duty I would have to sent to Jail" he was implying he was an officer himself "Three calls that's all it will take and I can have to put in jail"  He kept swearing over and over and over. He was throwing his arms up in the air and pointing at me. He repeatedly told me that all it would take was three calls to have me send to jail.
While I was being verbally abused I sat as still as possible and said over and over "I am so sorry" in the calmest voice I could muster, I must have said it ten times. After about 3 -4 minuets but what felt like an hour he made his way to car while yelling at me and shaking his head. At this point I felt I should take down his car plate number which I did: xxx xxx. He did a three point turn and turned onto Hampden road and headed east. 
After telling Ben and breaking down in tears I felt I needed to report this behavior to an officer because if this man himself is a police man his behaviour is totally out of order and abusing his power and if he is not then WHY is he implying that he is?
I called and a lovely understanding officer took my information and asked me to email my eye witness to him (the above with a few changes). He then called back after 10 minutes and informs me that he spoke to the man who I had the encounter with and heard a very different story.
At this point it had never occurred to me that the man would lie about his behaviour. Well as far as memory goes his story was something like this:
I was dangerously speeding and cut him off barley missing his car. I was talking on my cell phone (I DON'T HAVE ONE!) and when we pulled over I got out of my car while still talking on my cell phone (that I DON'T have) and was fleeting between ignoring him and yelling at him while he calmly tried to explain to me the danger of my actions. Eventually, he drove away.
It was at this point that I started crying on the phone while the officer listened on the other end, "Are you OK?" He asked. I could barley make out words to express the horror I felt as I realized that a person could so easily ignore truth and lie so effortlessly. It is so depressing when you realize how dishonest a person can be.
I don't know what I expected to happen because at the end of the day this never would have occurred had I not ran a stop sign, which I vow to always stop perfectly still but the lesson I have learned is this;
There are not enough honest people out there. People don't think it is bad to tell a lie and once you become accustomed to telling a few little lies and is not such a big deal to tell a bigger lie and before you know it you are telling a police officer complete fiction. As hurt as I felt as I listened to lies this man had fabricated about me there was a place within me that felt strong because I know that truth will set you free. I could tell this particular story over and over and it will never change because it is the truth. I want to make sure I live every aspect of my life in this way; utter truth, utter honestly because it will set you free. The state of this man's ability to lie so well made me never want to feel comfortable with telling a lie. Lie's have no place within me.
A part of me feels sad for this man and others like him that have become so accustomed to living a life of dishonestly. I think I have found myself so upset over this experience because it has made it very clear how deceptive people can be and how grateful I am for the companionship of the Holy Ghost as it always distinguishes between good and evil.
I believe that honesty will lead you to God for God is Truth. If this world is to be home to more God like people then adopting an attitude of honesty will lead us there. The road to dishonesty is a gradual slope pledge with me to adopt an attitude of utter honestly so that we will always see clearly the line between Truth and Error.


Lesley-Ann said...

So sorry that you had this awful experience Jess, but so glad you have managed to see some positive aspects of this event, on top of always stopping fully at a stop sign from now on. You will have to talk to Aaron about his experience!

Michelle said...

What a mean, bad man! Did you tell the officer you didn't even have a cell phone? I guess it probably wouldn't have mattered but seriously things like that make me so mad. So any outcome?

Angie O said...

That's horrible!

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