Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The black widow

Ben is rushing as always to get out the door. He doesn't have time for cereal so to the bread bin to grab a piece of bread. In the corner of his eye he see something move. Pulls his hand away...

Upstairs I am helping Lucas and all of a sudden I hear a girlie high pitched squeal coming from Ben, I think "it must be spider related."

Down I go to find that it was a spider, it IS a spider a BLACK WIDOW. I am OK with spiders but one that could kill I am not OK with. We secure the spider in a glass jar and begin the suffocation process. Days went by and still the little widow was crawling around. Almost a week had passed and I couldn't bear to know that it was still alive so extreme measures were taken. She is dead and we can all breathe now.


Kristina said...

That gives me the creeps. And that picture is awesome!

Kimberly Presbury said...

Ewww, how scary. I would have been hyperventilating for sure if I had seen that thing in real life. Just this picture freaks me out.

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