Friday, September 2, 2011

T-BALL is over:(

We signed Jack up for T-Ball this summer. For my English friends T-Ball is like baseball but the ball is not thrown it is placed on a T and the child hits it from that. Jack really enjoyed it. Mostly he cared about hitting the ball and when he wasn't hitting the ball was starring into oblivion.

When his coach would say "Hussle" which I gather means move fast he did the opposite. There were several instance when he got into a little rough and tumble over getting the ball which was somewhat entertaining to watch. Most of all he thought his coach was awesome. As soon as his coach, Aaron arrived at practice Jack would be the first to go up and say hello and tell him something totally insignificant but felt wonderful doing it.



Anonymous said...

Love that photo. Reminds me of
Steve and my Dad who always have their Tongue out when in deep concentration Grannie

Harrison and Christine said...

Such great pictures, Jessica! He is too cute!

Gwen said...

Can I have his autograph?

Lesley-Ann said...

I can't believe I had not seen these photos of Jack, what a star he is :-)

Rebecca said...

Great pictures! I especially love the 2nd to last one where Jack is hitting the's fabulous!

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