Wednesday, September 7, 2011

My parenting books

I have been immersed in parenting reading material as of late and it has made a profound impact upon me. I was getting to a point where I found myself constantly moaning and focusing on all the hard things about being a mother; how it doesn't come naturally to me and how it is exhausting etc...

I decided I needed to treat motherhood and parenting as if that was my job, which it is! If you are doing a job you are not terribly great at you research it and learn all you can to improve. So I have been reading parenting stuff whenever I get a spare couple minutes here and there. The snippets of information, direction and encouragement I get here and there from my reading really helps me maintain a good perspective throughout the day.

The books I am reading right now are:

Teaching your children Values, Linda and Richard Eyer

The 7 habits of highly effective Families, Stephen R Covey

The Entitlement trap, Linda and Richard Eyer

"The greatest thing you can do for your children is love your spouse" Covey

"There is a tremendous need for husbands and wives to sit down together and carefully plan or, in a sense, mentally or spiritually create their own future" Covey

"We should teach values to our children because it is the most significant and effective thing we can do for their happiness" Eyer

Talking about Parents here is a snap shot of my lovely parents that I took while they were visiting, more on that later.



mama boss said...

I am reading 7 habits, because you had spoken so highly of it. I'm not too far in, but I am loving it.
And your patents are adorable. That is such a great, fun picture. :)

Grannie. said...

Love that Photo. Good to put it under your thoughts on parenting. They look as though they are glad they have done that and got the teeshirt.

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