Thursday, September 1, 2011

How to be relaxed under pressure?

Answers please?

I would love to be that wife and mother who can just roll with the punches and seem so chill and laid back about spontaneous events.

BUT I am not.

The other weekend Ben had invited several guys over to help build a fence in yard. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!The guys brought their families. By the end of the evening we had about 20 people at our home. A part of me LOVED it but the other half was a little stressed. I think the fact that it was spontaneous threw me off. Darn that schedule aspect of my character.

At one point my friends hubby asked me, "Hope your OK with all of us here or is it stressful?" his wife answered for me "she's stressed!" She can read me well;) I was stressed but I so desperately wanted to be OK with all the energy and chaos.

Practice makes perfect right? More get togethers at my place then!

Here are some photos of our delicious tomoatos grow by Ben and Jack. They are SO good.

There on the side is my Lucas being his dirty self and YES his diaper is falling off. I am such a good mom huh?


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Lesley-Ann said...

You stressed at such I thing I would never have guessed, me oh yes, but not you! Well maybe you take after more than I think ;-)

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