Monday, August 1, 2011

When I fell in Moose Creek

Our week in Island Park was coming to a close and I was feeling sad because I had not done something I really wanted to do: take photos in the early morning hours. After sharing a coach with Jack (who happens to kick my ribs constantly) I decided I was heading out on my own adventure.


Slip on Ben's flip flops, put on a jacket, grab my camera and head out.

I had my eyes on Moose creek for sometime so off I drove to capture some beautiful light. Drove as close as I could and then I got out full of excitement and wonder.

I was Cold. I am now wishing I would have changed into something warmer than my PJ's.

Never mind.

The creek is slowly slithering around the trees and rocks, there is a mist hovering over the water; it is dreamy. Dew is everywhere. I start taking photos. Wandering and meandering around the creek I come to the road and cross. On the other side of the road about 150 yards I see a little bridge and decide that I have to get there to take photos.

What seemed a delightful idea at the time slowly lost its sparkle and seemed quite ridiculous.

Here I am in my PJ's, husbands flip flops, camera in one hand and the best bed hair ever. I walk along the creek but quickly realize that everything is marshy, this should have been the moment that I ditched my idea and went back but being so stubborn I went forward on my quest.

At this point my toes are frozen, water is up to my shins and I am wobbling all over the place. I am about 10 feet from my desired destination and with one step I am in muddy marshy water up to my bellybutton. I screamed, yelled at the water as if it was a person and thrust my camera high above my head. I decided to plunge forward and get through the next 10 feet.

Finally I get to the bridge and there is a big old sign that says "Beware your in Bear country!" GREAT. I take photos while drenched in muddy water and making as many sounds to scare away any possible wildlife.

So your question was it worth it? NO. Not at all. I went back different



Rebecca said...

so many beautiful pictures!! I am very jealous that you saw a bear. We looked and looked when we were in Yellowstone and never saw one.

mama boss said...

You the same situation, I would've done the same thing. Anything for a good picture, right? Anyway, I know you say it wasn't worth it, but I think it was. These shots are absolutely incredible! You are a talented (and a little bit crazy..) woman! :)

Lesley-Ann said...

It’s official our daughter Jessica Emily is CRAZY and DARING in way that her mother is not, meaning I'm not daring, I am crazy too but then you know that right? Great photos darling :-)

Gwen said...

Your sacrifice is appreciated though! What dreamy pictures!

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