Saturday, August 27, 2011

Soap Adventures...

What I am going to share with you may dramatically change your perspective of me and my parenting tactics.

Jack can be similar to a ball of fire and has a tendency to get very angry and be disrespectful. Now it seems that every family has WORDS that are bad words and to make it more complicated every families bad word are different; talk about a challenge for the kids. Anyway, words that are not encouraged in our home that have faced some challenges from Jack are stupid, hate (as in I hate you), butt face or butt anything for that matter. Jack knows very well that these words are not acceptable within our home but will use them when he is mad at us. Just to spite us. We had encountered several instances where much screaming and yelling of these words were heard so I told Jack that sometimes if a person cannot learn to use good and clean words then they may need to have their mouth washed out with soap. I had decided that if a similar situation occurred Soap would be used.

Now, your thinking "really, you washed his mouth out with soap?"
YES. There was another instance and it seemed like the best option to teach him that using those words in a disrespectful manner: "I hate you stupid butt face!" Is so not OK. Are you horrified? I don't mind if you are. I don't regret it at all, yes I felt bad but he hasn't said the words since in a disrespectful manner and if one of them slips he apologizes.

Now Lucas who is so opposite to Jack and doesn't speak also eat soap but not because he was naughty but because he was intrigued.

The other day I left Lucas for maybe 2 minutes and he had found himself to the bathroom, climbed into the tub and covered himself with bar soap. There was soap in his hair, eyes, mouth and hands. After cleaning the soap off, Jack told him that you only put soap in your mouth if you say bad words! Ha! Lucas was foaming bubbles most of the day.

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Kimberly Presbury said...

Ok, you are so not at all alone here Jess. Josh has the same problem and I am so glad to hear that he is not the only one saying those exact same things. Accept he will yell "you hate me mom" instead of "I hate you". We have used soap many times so don't even feel alone. Even Rachael has gotten a mouth wash out from picking up on some of those 'butt' words Josh has used.

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