Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Loss of life had me thinking back...

*Since I wrote this post Ben's Great Uncle past away quite tragically, here is a link to what happened. Our thoughts and prayers go out to our extended family at this time.

I visited a funeral last week and while I was sitting there my mind began to wander ...I realized that I have not been to many funerals. I guess I am lucky. After the funeral I went home and poured over my journal from when I was 12 years old and read my experience from my first death; my Grandfather. A great man who loved to laugh and be a friend to everyone.

**Straight from my journal Monday 9th June 1997
Today, I went to school. At the end of school we went to pick up Bethany from play school. When we got home dad went to Grandma's so Janet looked after us. We got a new hen, her name is Abigael. We played with her a lot. Then about 4.40 Grannie and Grancha came to look after us. Grannie made us some dinner and then Aaron came home. We played ball against the wall. Then my dinner was ready. When I came in for dinner mum and dad came in. Mum had been crying, I asked her "what's wrong?" she said that earlier Grandad had died. I started to cry. They explained that everyone dies and it was Granddad's time to go. Dad gave me a Fathers' blessing to help me understand and cope better. I know this is going to be hard for us but I will pray for mum, Auntie Julie, Auntie Katie, Auntie Sarah and Uncle Matt because its especially hard for them.

Grandad I will always remember those special times we spent together, I love you so much.

Tuesday 10th may 1997
At Grandma's lots of tears were shed but that was the best thing for us...Through this day I have realized that Grandad now has gone back to live with Heavenly Father. Grandad is no longer in pain he is perfect in spirit and he and Auntie Emily are in heaven together and some day we will go and meet them. We have to look after each other. I love you Grandad.

I feel so blessed to have these thoughts written down, what treasures. Thank you Dad for keeping these and for always encouraging me to write in my journal what a blessing that habit is.

I love my pure faith as a child. It seems as we become adults we clutter our faith with unnecessary questions and uncertainties.

As a 26 year old I still have the same basic beliefs; death is just a stage of a greater plan, a plan of happiness that was set out by an almighty God. I hope I can continue to live with optimism and joy so that when the storms come my way I will be able to stand on my foundation of beliefs and rise above them.

It is unfortunate that it takes the loss of life to remember to appreciate life.


Lesley-Ann said...

Ok so that made me cry, thankfully I hadn't put any make up on yet! Are going to post your entry about the funeral? I'm glad Dad kept them to he knew one day you would appreciate reading them :-) You always had such great faith Jessie, even younger than this, you are real example to me and I love you :-)

Gwen said...

My love to you all and to Ben's family.

Aaron Presbury said...

Seems forever ago, 1097.
Distant memories, yet that day seems so vivid.

Jessica said...

Aaron I knew you would pick up on that! Thanks, I am not that old.

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