Wednesday, August 31, 2011

2011 First day of Pre-K

Oh how cute this kid who I often call Jack Attack?

Last week it was back to pre-school for him. This year he is attending 3 days a week for 2.5 hours a time. He has the best teacher ever, her name is The Amazing Miss Patti (I added the Amazing part because uh she is). Jack loves her and so does every other child that has ever been taught by her. I am so thrilled that we decided to put Jack into Pre-school last year and this year, it has really been a wonderful experience for him.

Today Jack was sharing some nuggets of wisdom as we drove to Boulder help Ben (he had lost his motorbike key...Most amazing wife right here) but that is another story.

Back to Jack.

In the car he was telling me that when mountains shake they throw wild animals off and it can be very dangerous - I have never ever witnessed this but maybe its true.

Also, he is convinced that even though windmills and called WINDmills they are powered by enormous batteries the size of people - don't know about that.

Oh and alcohol is bad for you, it makes your body dirty and that one I totally agree with!

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Gwen said...

Flying wild animals is definitely dangerous. Picture a grizzley bear soaring through the air and landing face first...on your head. Right with ya Jack!

Is he a budding conspiracy theorist? The battery powered windmills being a government plot to make us believe in global warming, green-ness and all things not carbon footprint creating?

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