Friday, July 22, 2011

Lucas is ONE!

I had all these glorious ideas about taking photos of my Lucas with a tower cake BUT I got the stomach flu and happen to be the worlds worst cake maker. A horrible combination.

On his birthday I felt terrible so we postponed his birthday a day. Feeling a little more normal I decided to let my cake idea take life: BAD IDEA. The thing is is should be illegal for me to bake cakes. I thought Jack's birthday cake was the worlds ugliest cake but I was wrong Lucas really drew the short straw, luckily he will have no memories of his frightful cake.

I started to build my tower cake but realized that a pound cake would have worked better than the airy sponge cake that I chose. It kept falling and Jack kept saying "it is not going to work!" After we finally finished the bazaar mound cake of sadness Jack said "yeah, your right its ugly!" Thanks Son!

I am going to either take a cake class or promise to never make another cake again.

I utterly LOVE this little boy! He loves to snuggle and has the BEST smile EVER. I am so happy that Lucas is in our little family.



mama boss said...

Ok, how about a trade? I bake cakes for you, you take awesome photos for me? huh..?
(here are some examples of why this would be a good idea...:
example 1
example 2
example 2.5
example 3
example 3.5
example 4
example 5)

Cami and Juan said...

I love how different your boys look from one another. It's so much fun to see the differences in 2 little brothers.

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