Monday, July 11, 2011

Girls just want to have fun!

OK, so the evening of the 4th of July we headed up to Georgetown with a bunch of friends to enjoy fireworks and great company. Right before my camera battery died and after using the freaky porta potty me and two wonderful friends escaped from the duties of being responsible mothers and took silly photos. You may judge us and think we are ridiculous...we are. But really you know you want to be silly with two of your favorite people and capture it.

Jumping: we were not very talented at jumping in unison, guess we need practice. Elaine has some sweet jumps, Andrea and I were quite impressed.

Air Rock Band; Elaine: Drummer, Andrea: Vocalist and Me:guitarist.

There were a lot of confused people watching us. It was hilarious!

After Andrea struck her move she took me out and in her words almost de-pantsed me. A part of me wished I would have been de-pantsed because wouldn't that have been a funny story to tell?

*photo of me jumping was taken by Elaine!

One normal Photo


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Season and Isabella said...

I love these! You guys are such cuties!

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