Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Didn't get the memo...

I am headed off to a Bridal shower for one of Ben's step sisters. I am excited to be getting out of the house and away from my sometimes adorable and sometimes messy and screaming children to enjoy time with ladies eating delicious food. I did my hair, make-up and changed into some clean clothes and looking all cute headed out.

I got lost...of course and was glad I left with enough time to get lost but still I arrived just a few minutes late. I finally find the place. It is beautiful. The indoor decor is rich wood and divinely comfortable in every proper way.

I find the bridal shower and horror! Everyone is wearing beautiful summer dresses. I am wearing jeans! They were my nice jeans but none the less they were indeed jeans. And of course as I arrived a little late to show case my mishap. Oops did I not get the memo?

I felt like a 16 year old girl turning up in fancy dress to a party that is not fancy dress. In my moment of awkwardness I thought "I am so glad I showered and did my hair."

Without acknowledging that I was not dressed appropriately I beamed a huge smile and acted like I was wearing a beautiful summer dress and enjoyed all the delicious food.

Some photos from the shower can be found


Gwen said...

I'm guessing all those wearing dresses were looking at you and thinking "She looks so cute! Why didn't I wear jeans! Wish I got her memo!". That's what I'd be thinkin' anyway!

Lesley-Ann said...

You didn't mention that you usually turn up in a pretty dress or more formal wear for such occasions and everyone else is in Jeans or more casual attire and this time you thought I won't be the odd one out, but you were ;-)

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