Sunday, July 3, 2011


We had wonderful plans of camping and growing hair like cave men but it rained. Jack said it was the worst day ever. So we decided to camp in our front room, by "we" I mean Jack and Ben. Jack thought this was an excellent alternative, he and Ben put the tent up and snuggled up in sleeping bags in our front room while I slept in my bed. Perfect!

The next day after Jack screamed a lot and finally took a nap we headed off again to mountains to have tin foil dinners, play in the water and sand, do some fishing and some GEO cashing. The sun was out, I was covered in bug spray and we had a grand old time.



Phredfamily said...

love jack peeing and all the shots of lucas!

Nola said...

I keep telling myself we need to go camping, but I really like my own bed. I am glad Jack had fun camping inside.

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