Saturday, July 30, 2011

Island Park; Part 2

Towards the end of our week we got to meet up with some dear old friends from Provo and LA. Off the Yellowstone we went. AMAZING! Super awesomeness happened...we saw a bear! Ben was saying all week that this was the year of the bear (he is very bitter because everyone in his family have seen a bear except him). We saw bison and Elk but the BEAR was by far the best.

Before the bear sighting we hiking down the see the canyon falls. Jack was stellar. He zoomed down and zoomed up; what a stud. The falls were truly beautiful, well worth all the stairs.

Picnic, sightseeing, climbing on frozen snow, buying a souvenir, eating ice cream and getting pizza. Life was good to us that day.

We also went cannoning, swimming, planking, shooting (Jack's first time shooting a gun!) and had tin foil dinners. It was an outdoors fun time! Oh, and Jake became Jack's favorite person EVER!


Friday, July 29, 2011

Island Park; Part 1

Island park is a special place for our family for several reasons but the fore runner of reasons is that is the place where the Ben and Jess story began. Yes, it was amongst pine trees, canoes and flowing rivers that we first had eyes for each other. Little did we know that 7 years down the road we would be married, have two kids, a crazy dog and a house that has a bazillion projects.

Our 11 hour drive really wasn't too bad. We had sore bottoms but really it could have been so much worse. We drove through an incredibly beautiful part of America; it was breathtaking I would have stopped to capture the beauty but the thought of making our journey any longer made me want to hibernate so I refrained. Here is what I took a picture of:

In Island Park there was an army of mosquitoes everywhere we looked; literally. Me and mosquitoes are arch enemies so I practically bathed in deet to scare away all of the tiny skeeters. When I die I will inquire why mosquitoes were created...As always my allergies showed up and tried to make me miserable; but lots of pills and a trip to the doctors for an injection in my bottom made life bearable and entertaining.

To the fun with the family.

Mesa Falls: HOT! Amazing falls, a cheeky little squirrel and a yummy picnic.

Cannoning: Totally awesome, saw a mother moose and her baby plus a bald eagle.

Geo Cashing: If you don't know what this is google it, super fun. We did a bunch the first few days. I am pretty excellent at finding the treasures, the boys though it was quite magical.

Fishing: Sadly, I didn't get to go...BOO. But the gentlemen did and had a couple good nights.

Old homes: My old home is still replaced but a smelly pony and Ben's parent's old cabin is in need of some TLC.

Big Springs: Still bubbling out of the ground and has lots of fish plus an extended family of ugly seagulls. People stop feeding the fish bread.

Running: Did this the first few days until I couldn't breath well enough, but it wonderful while it lasted.

Cabin fun: the boys played SO well inside and outside of the cabin. There were games of every kind; aliens, Disney, roller coasters, explorers, angry birds the live version, wrestling, hide and seek, making Valentine's, Christmas and of course showering with goggles on!

Wade Lake: Cold water, crawdads, pond making, sunshine, sand and at the end it got insanely windy quite like the scene in the Wizard Of Oz when Dorothy screams "Auntie Em, Auntie Em" and YES amongst the wind confusion I screamed these lines, it was awesome. Check out Jacks bum crack:


Friday, July 22, 2011

Lucas is ONE!

I had all these glorious ideas about taking photos of my Lucas with a tower cake BUT I got the stomach flu and happen to be the worlds worst cake maker. A horrible combination.

On his birthday I felt terrible so we postponed his birthday a day. Feeling a little more normal I decided to let my cake idea take life: BAD IDEA. The thing is is should be illegal for me to bake cakes. I thought Jack's birthday cake was the worlds ugliest cake but I was wrong Lucas really drew the short straw, luckily he will have no memories of his frightful cake.

I started to build my tower cake but realized that a pound cake would have worked better than the airy sponge cake that I chose. It kept falling and Jack kept saying "it is not going to work!" After we finally finished the bazaar mound cake of sadness Jack said "yeah, your right its ugly!" Thanks Son!

I am going to either take a cake class or promise to never make another cake again.

I utterly LOVE this little boy! He loves to snuggle and has the BEST smile EVER. I am so happy that Lucas is in our little family.


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Train ride downtown

Jack LOVES trains. Jack LOVES riding trains. So we took the train downtown.

I love the awe and utter excitement Jack expresses about simple things such as a train, a bus, a building. Really we live amongst amazing inventions that we pass by daily without any thought of wonder. I am glad that having kids helps me take time to appreciate every day wonders.


Monday, July 11, 2011

Girls just want to have fun!

OK, so the evening of the 4th of July we headed up to Georgetown with a bunch of friends to enjoy fireworks and great company. Right before my camera battery died and after using the freaky porta potty me and two wonderful friends escaped from the duties of being responsible mothers and took silly photos. You may judge us and think we are ridiculous...we are. But really you know you want to be silly with two of your favorite people and capture it.

Jumping: we were not very talented at jumping in unison, guess we need practice. Elaine has some sweet jumps, Andrea and I were quite impressed.

Air Rock Band; Elaine: Drummer, Andrea: Vocalist and Me:guitarist.

There were a lot of confused people watching us. It was hilarious!

After Andrea struck her move she took me out and in her words almost de-pantsed me. A part of me wished I would have been de-pantsed because wouldn't that have been a funny story to tell?

*photo of me jumping was taken by Elaine!

One normal Photo


Sunday, July 10, 2011

Independence Day Parade

Even though I am not an American Citizen and am not sure if or when I will become one I consider it a huge privilege to live here in the USA. I love America! I love American people! I love the Constitution that holds America together.

I really wanted to go to a parade in part of our celebration for America's birthday. We found an awesome parade that turned out to be a huge water fight.


Saturday, July 9, 2011

Camping at Grandpa's

Remember how we camped in our house, well we went a step further and camped at grandpa's house. Again when I say "WE" I mean Ben and Jack camped while Lucas and I went home to our beds.

While we were playing Mario cart Lucas was sleeping in the tent:

and then Grandpa got his fire works out and we all watched and said prayers in our hearts that he would not set any ones house on fire.

While Grandpa did this:

Jack did this:

while the fireworks did this:

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