Friday, June 24, 2011

The things Mothers talk about

The things Mothers talk about

As a teenager I thought kids were funny but to be honest the conversations mothers had about there adorable kids were plain boring. I remember listening to mothers talk about how cute their little one is or how hilarious they are thinking really? Can I vomit? You need to get out more.

And now I am that mother talking about her kids practically 24/7. Yes. I find them hilarious. I mean when Jack and his buddy are standing shivering with loaded water guns waiting for passing cars to squirt I silently giggled while trying (not very hard) to stop them. And yes, it is hilarious to me when Jack has been a stinker to our dog and she steals something from him or when at a Memorial Breakfast he spills his Orange juice and freaks out and responds to a sweet lady who said "your be alright" with "I AM NOT ALIGHT!"

Of course I find them cute, really cute. And I understand my vision is blurred because I helped create them but boy are they candy to my eyes. Lucas' smile makes me smile and say on repeat like a broken record "you are so cute" in a very annoying and high pitched voice. And when Jack holds my face and looks into my eyes and says "I love you mom" I do think he is extremely perfect for a moment even if the next thing he says is "can I have a Popsicle?"

So if you spend any time with me you will hear about how cute my kids are, how hilarious they are, how they drive me crazy, how I wish Jack could wipe his bottom without making a mess, how Lucas is crawling, how Jack has sticky snot, how Lucas has chunky thighs, how I am exhausted with the constant cleaning, how I wish I had more time to do everything and how being a mother can be awful and wonderful all in the same sentence. Basically, I talk a lot about my kids call it boring, self indulged or interesting but that is what I talk about


mama boss said...

I do the same thing! All the more reason for us to hang out! And then our boys can be cute together, and we'll have more goodness to talk about! ;)

Alyce O said...

I totally agree. I've no idea what I ever used to talk about!

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