Sunday, June 26, 2011



With only just over a week to go until this big guy has lived for 365 days he finally decides it is time to crawl. It is a slow crawl but none the less the kid crawls. I thought he would never move. I had visions of having a two year old that sat there perched on rolls of fat but he proved me wrong. He just has one speed of crawling mastered right now and that is slow and steady.

I stopped nursing him about two weeks ago; he was so depressed. I told him life goes on and it was about that time that he decided to entertain crawling.

His smile is awesome. I just love his chunky cheeks, crinkled-up nose and piercing eyes; it all makes a perfect smile!

Still only 2 teeth.


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vicki said...

2 boys on the move!! Good Luck keeping up.

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