Friday, May 27, 2011



As I was watering our garden I thought "I wonder if these plants are cold..."

Jack is awesome on his scooter that he got for his birthday, he only fell off 4 times today! This is an improvement.

Jack and I danced to "Go Dieago Go!" It was superb!

HUGE breakthrough for Lucas, from laying down he got himself into a sitting position. Miracle. I thought it would never happen. Jack and I were so excited and Lucas couldn't stop clapping.

Jack entertained himself for an hour outside squirting water at our dog and other things; it was heavenly.

I plucked my eyebrows. It has been WAY too long.

Reagan stole a poo diaper and ripped it open; I have been finding little pieces of poo all day long. If this would have happened two days ago I am pretty sure I would have cried a river and taken her to the pound but today I was feeling quite delightful and found myself laughing in response to this disaster. Don't worry it is all cleaned up.

We went on a walk and it was lovely, end of story.




Debs said...

Jess, I love reading these snapshots of your life - your kids are gonna love reading it in days to come. Samuel has just started crawling, we thought the day would never come as he's a real chunk! We're clapping for Lukas too! Love to all xxx

Cami and Juan said...

Such beautiful pictures, as always. I'm glad you are feeling better this week. All your sickness last week sounded terrible.

Lesley-Ann said...

I love the photo of Lucas Jess and his teeth :-)

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