Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Antibiotic Club + having worth.

The Antibiotic Club + having worth.

Last week I got strep throat. It was awful. I was put on antibiotics.

After Jack's birthday party we had to take him to urgent care only to find out that he had the early stages of pneumonia. He has antibiotics.

Today, we took sir chunk-a-lot AKA Lucas to the doctor he too has a respiratory infection and low oxygen levels. He is so happy to join the antibiotic club.

If you want to come to my house you may feel left out if you are not on antibiotics.

Oh, by the way while I am here with my sick children Ben is in paradise with work. I am jealous to say the least.

With all the sickness that has been engulfing my bubble of life, I felt somewhat depressed, tired and sorry for myself.

Pathetic but true.

So last night to cheer myself up I watched The biggest Looser Finale while eating chocolate cake which seems so wrong but I have to admit it was quite a delightful combination.

I don't know why but weight loss stories always get me teary eyed. Yes, their physical transformation is incredible but what I find so touching is the emotional and mental breakthroughs. It's often the moment they realize they are of worth that captures my attention. I think it is easy to forget the worth that every single human being has. I know I forget. I have worth! You have worth! Sadly, all too often we sell ourselves short and neglect to acknowledge our worth.

Today, I decided to recognize my worth and break through the grey cloud that has been hanging over my head.

I decided to smile because its easier than frowning and so much more fun.

I decided to dance because I can and it makes me feel beautiful.

I decided to laugh with my children.

I decided to take photos of the two most important children in my life; my boys.

I decided to eat fresh fruit because it tastes SO good and energizes me.

I decided to play outside because it the sun felt so good on my face.

I decided to pray because God cares about me and wants me to be happy.

I decided to believe in the worth that I have because I am a daughter of God.

Even without make-up, showering or putting a comb through my hair I still have worth.


Here is Some shots of one of our vegetable gardens. Thanks to Ben our yard and gardens are looking really awesome.


My Jack; asks at least 20 times a day if he can have "Another Popsicle"


Handsome Lucas


Sick baby


Utter Cuteness!!!!


"Remember the worth of souls is great in the sight of God"



Lesley-Ann said...

I love this post and the photos Jess, you are the best :-)

Gwen said...

Like the ruble (sp?), your worth cannot be exchanged for its exact equivalent (a prof from the ukraine once said it was impossible to tell what a ruble was worth in our money).......unlike the rouble, your infinite worth. Not so sure where the ruble sits on the market these days. Remember, Typhoid Mary walked away healthy! You will survive this bacterial pestilence! :-) Your pics are exquisite.
Hang in there Beautiful!

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