Saturday, April 23, 2011



Monday marked the first Rockies baseball game for the Carney family this season. It was chilly. We missed our train downtown and I was irritated and said "oh crap!" Jack then responded "I know there wasn't enough room for us, it would have cracked." I am so glad thats what he thought I said.

The rockies were terrible. Jack was dissapointed that they were doing so bad. We ate cotton candy and cheered; it didn't help they still lost.


and here are some photos of my delightful baby who is no longer growing at such a rapid rate.



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Lindsey said...

Jessica! So nice to find you!--Albeit online.... :)

Yes we were in class together. I remember you, your wonderful accent, and brilliant moves.

It is fun to find pictures of you and your family. You look gorgeous! Are you doing the nap time dances?

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