Sunday, March 13, 2011

You wanna hear about MY week? Doubt it...
OK, I am not going to lie, it's been a rough week and I could go on and on about how I have been screamed at constantly and been told by someone small who is almost 4(who I love dearly) that he hates me...try AT LEAST 50 times a day and how I barley ever see my husband because it's his busy season and he basically lives at his clients office, literally. But I won't put you through that because you either loose all desire to ever have children or more children or make you want to hit me!
Enough of this.
The fact is it was a rough week, I lost my temper (major mommy monster moment) and wanted to hide in the closet but then I realized just how much I have.
The devastation in Japan has opened my eyes to everything I have and should be grateful for. The fact is I KNOW where my children and husband are. I am not worried sick wondering if they are alive or dead.
Last night, Ben and I looked at photos from Japan's destruction caused by the earthquake and tsunami.
It stilled my soul.
I have no words because what can words do?
They can not bring back people, they can not re-build the homes and buildings that were destroyed.
Words can not make the disaster disappear.
I have no words that can make it seem better but I can pray for them.
I can pray that they will feel peace and be comforted.
I can pray that they will find hope out of this disaster.
I can pray that I can learn from this experience.
I can pray that I will count my blessings more frequently.
I can pray that I will be motivated to build a food storage and make emergency plans in case we were ever affected by such a disaster.
Please pray with me:)


Cynthia said...

You always inspire me Jes! You are such a good momma. We all have our times when we want to kill our children, you are not the only one. Im also working on a post about Japan. It's been such an eye opening thing. So much to be grateful for..
Loves to you girl.

Cami and Juan said...

What a wonderful reminder for me. It's all about perspective. I wish for you to hang in there and make it through Ben's busy season. I too have a countdown until Juan's semester is over. Deep breaths.

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