Monday, March 21, 2011

OK, so last night I was heading out for a church meeting, I am on the stake activities committee which basically means I get to stress out organising awesome events for everyone to enjoy. Before leaving I found Ben snuggled up inside the covers of our bed. He was napping! This is not allowed, not because he doesn't deserve because trust me he does but he is a terrible napper (is "napper" even a word?). How can someone be a terrible napper you might ponder. Well when Ben naps he goes into such a deep sleep it's terribly hard to wake him.
I gave myself about 20 minutes to wake him before having to leave. our conversation went something like this;

me: Honey I have to go soon, can you wake up?
Ben: (sudden movements, freaky wide eyes) Where am I? What is this!?
Me: You are in bed taking a nap but I need you to wake up
Ben: do you have the spreadsheet?
me: (seriously) Honey we are at home I need you to wake up
Ben: I am awake...are we doing a sales pitch?
Me: No I need you to watch the kids while I leave (Oh dear, he is going to put the baby in the oven for dinner)
Ben: (somewhat aggravated) Well what face do you want? before or after?
Me: what on earth are you talking about? Honey can you hear me?
Ben: (moaning) yes I am awake...where are you going?
Me: I need you to stand up
he stands up and flops down on the bed in a different spot. I turn to jack
Me: Jack mommy has to leave, call me if daddy starts acting weird.

I am happy to report that both children were safe when I returned home.



Kimberly Presbury said...

Oh Jess this made my day! We have such similar things happen here when Aaron takes naps. He's even worse in the middle of the night...

I love that you documented this... Classic!

SoccerMan said...

That is classic. Brilliant!

Benjamin said...

when jack was a baby I tried to turn him into a formula in excel, that was a hard night; I kept getting a null value.

Michelle said...

That's pretty hilarious! I wish I could get into a deep sleep that quickly. I guess it's the curse of a mom to always wake, fully aware at the slightest noise.

Jessica said...

oh no! either the curse has passed me by or I am not a good mom because I can sleep through a LOT of sounds.

Rebecca said...

Funniest thing I've read all day!!!

Phredfamily said...

Seriously, laughing out loud! Love it!

Lesley-Ann said...

As I read this I thought this sounds like Aaron and so it was funny have Kimmy confirm that he still does this! It really did make us all laugh, next time you should video it! I wish I could nap but can't because it takes me forever to fall asleep!

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