Thursday, March 31, 2011

And then I got Pneumonia...

Yes, it's true there is a reason as to why I have felt so rotten, the doctor confirmed on Tuesday that I have Pneumonia. I am not on my my death bed but I am also not dancing through life rather the last few days have been a cycle of feeding Lucas, feeding myself, filling my body with antibiotics and napping; it really has been thrilling! (said in the most sarcastic tone I can manage while coughing up mucus.)

Oh and by the way I am still in Utah.

So let me tell you about the gift I brought to Utah. I went all out and brought the evil flu.

Yes, aren't I your best friend?

OK so Thursday night before leaving for Utah Lucas had projectile vomit 2 times. I really didn't think he had was anything contagious, in fact it never crossed my mind that his condition would be contagious. I just thought it was a result of all the mucus that he had had. Well, guess what...I was wrong. Yes, very wrong.

Within less than 3 days of me and my clang arriving we managed to give the dreaded bug to 10 people (probably more by now, sanitize lots because it might make it's way to you). I have to find humor in this because I feel so awful I might just revert to a stage of perpetual crying but that wont do any good and plus it will make me have a coughing fit.

So Sunday - Tuesday I was surrounded my the walking dead. Everywhere I looked there was someone looking tragically sick or talking to someone I had made sick or typing a text message to get an update on another sick person. To say the least I felt like I should exit Utah as fast as possible.

But then my body felt so left out (of course being such an attention seeker) it went and decided to develop pneumonia. I was not impressed with this progression. Talk about LAME. So, now all the people that I made sick now have to look after me.

Seriously, don't you wish I came to visit you? It is rhetorical, please don't answer.

I don't think I shall be welcome in Utah for a long time.

so much for a vacation!


Gwen said...

You are brilliant - I've been reading your wonderful blog and feel much better about life in general! Sorry you have the plague "bring out your dead" is probably not very funny, is it? If it helps, you talked to me before you left for UT and I didn't get the plague! Take care of yourself - be kind to your lungs!!

Rebecca said...

Bummer!! we had a nasty stomach virus too and it was incredibly contagious....all 4 of us caught it at the same time. No fun! I hope you're feeling better by now!

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