Monday, March 7, 2011

#55 Dog love and a hilarious conversation with Jack

Lucas and his doggy. He can not express his love as Jack does by pulling her tail and jumping on her but that will come with time.

Jack is having a bath and he turns to deep thinking
Jack: Is Lucas Going to die?
Me: well, yes one day. We will all die eventually
Jack:Hummm, you will die?
Me: One day hopefully when I am really old.
Jack: Oh no! When you die daddy will go to work and I will be all alone, who will look after me?
Me: Well if I am old when I die you will be big and look after yourself and you family.
Jack: OK
Me: How many kids are you going to have?
Jack: urm, several maybe 11?!
Me: wow that's a lot, you will have to make sure that's OK with your wife, that's a lot of kids to look after
Jack: Well I will have Callie, Madison and Lauren
Me: well you should only have one wife
Jack: OK you can be my wife then. You can be daddy's wife and my wife
Me: no way! I am only daddy's wife
Jack: OK, but can we live with you?
Me: ((((((NO WAY)))))) Well, we will see.
Shorty after this conversation, like 30 seconds after Jack grabs the gigantic lavender bar of soap and digs his fingers into it and then declares "I am going to clean my eyes!"
now everything goes in SLOW motion
I say "no Jack"
finger in jack's eye
smile on his face
smile fading
everything is on fast motion and seems like it will never end
"My eye! My Eye! My Eye! My eye! My eye! My eye!"
"I am done with cleaning my eye, so done with cleaning my eye, so done!"
- do you get the picture, if you need a more realistic idea just come over to my house EVERYTHING is so dramatic, he repeated this for about 5 minutes it seemed like an eternity.
We washed it up and then watched Sesame Street. His eye is fine. I think he will not wash it again using the same method.


Lesley-Ann said...

Never a dull moment in the Carney house!!!

Phredfamily said...

ha ha ha ha ha haha ahahahahahah!

Cami and Juan said...

I busted out laughing in this. Ha ha, thoughtful conversation followed by My eye! Super eventful bath time.

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