Saturday, February 26, 2011

#44 daddy comes home to play:)
Jack was excited beyond description the other night because his daddy was getting home at 6pm and we had planned a fun family night.

Jack is in love with bowling. I had been prepping him all day telling him it's OK if he doesn't win and that it's about having fun. He kept saying with his eyes raised "it's all about having fun right mommy? It dosen't matter if you loose."

Jack also loves his daddy so much. To be honest I get a tiny bit jealous sometimes because he is never terribly excited to see me but if Ben walks in the door it is the best moment of the day! All he wants to do is be with his daddy and then talk about his daddy- It's pretty adorable!
Lucas really enjoyed sucking his stroller.



Michelle said...

He is pretty obsessed with his dad, isn't he? Wonder why? ;)
My boys are all mama's boys so far. They fight every night over who gets to sit by me at dinner. I feel bad for Mark but I do secretly love it! :)

Lesley-Ann said...

Oh Jess I think if the roles were reversed and you were out working and Ben home taking care of the kiddies it would be you Jack got excited to see. He sees you all day every day and hardly sees his Dad especially at the moment with busy season, so of course is going to really excited to see his Daddy :-)

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