Monday, February 21, 2011

#40 It's just another Manic Monday
Monday is Laundry and ironing day; Yuck! At the beginning of this year I asked Ben if there was something he would like me to do to make his life easier this year. His answer was SO depressing...He asked me to iron his work shirts! To all my English readers you are probably thinking "why are you not doing that already?" Here in the west ironing is not as common and I really despise ironing for many reasons;
  • It's boring
  • Jack tries to help and makes it pain scary
  • I am not very good at it (wish I was a perfectionist but I am NOT)
  • I burn myself always

Anyway, I have been ironing nearly every Monday and I am working on trying to develop some kind of love towards the task. OK I am not trying that hard to love it just trying to endure it.


Jack and I cleaned our gross let me rephrase I cleaned the car while Jack dug holes in the yard and pulled up the sprinklers. The car smells and looks lovely now thanks to me and the yard needs help thanks to Jack.

Both Jack and I were looking super homeless in regards to our hair so we got a cut. Jack was eating a candy at the hairdressers and I asked him what flavor it was, he said confidently "nutberry!" Who knew there was such a flavor? Apparently nutberry is very delicious.Photobucket Photobucket



Lesley-Ann said...

That is so funny that you should write about ironing because this week we have a Relief Society service evening where we have to give a gift of service. So I asking my friend if she had any ideas and she replied no but it won't be babysitting for me as you never know who will get it!!!
So I said I could go shopping with someone and help them pick out an outfit(s) that suits their figure and makes them look good, but the person that gets that might not be in a financial position to do that or even need an outfit! So she suggested baking something really yummy and English.
I then happened to mention that I liked ironing and do it every week and she's like oh my goodness you have to do that I hope I get, I never iron and I said I had noticed that few American’s do.
I then mentioned that I even iron t-shirts, jeans and sheets, she was surprised but said her Mom irons and said she wished she could grow to love ironing too.
So maybe it’s a generation thing meaning this generation just don’t like ironing and can get away with it because of supposed non-iron fabrics and dryers, but I still iron those things :-)

Phredfamily said...

I hate ironing as well! Really, really, REALLY...

Michelle said...

I NEVER iron. We buy Mark Jos A Banks dress shirts because you don't have to iron them. Seriously they look amazing right out of the dryer. I think it's time you guys invest in some. Totally worth the money.

Jessarella said...

You are a much better wife than me. I take Jason's work shirts to the dry cleaners. I am far to lazy to iron. Or, I will spray them with the fabulous Downey De-Wrinkle spray and toss them in the dryer! Works like a charm!

Nola said...

Yeah you are a fabulous wife! If I ironed anything of Tyler's he would NEVER notice, so I just don't. I try to iron my Sunday clothes, but get so frustrated that you can't tell by the time I get to church I have kind of given up. I plan to retry when my kids are older and don't climb on me as much.

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