Monday, February 28, 2011

#47 The piano
I love the piano, I can not play but my dad is fantastic! Some of my most found memories are of me standing singing next to our Piano while my dad played. When my family still lived in England no visit home was complete without our music time together. I love my dad for sharing his love of music with me and making me feel spectacular when I accompanied his playing with my little voice.


#46 Indian food
I LOVE Indian food
Ben HATES Indian food
This is very sad:(
My dear friend Lindsey Loves Indian food, so went went on a date to eat like Indians.
It was glorious, I loved every bite.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

#45 A man and his dog

#44 daddy comes home to play:)
Jack was excited beyond description the other night because his daddy was getting home at 6pm and we had planned a fun family night.

Jack is in love with bowling. I had been prepping him all day telling him it's OK if he doesn't win and that it's about having fun. He kept saying with his eyes raised "it's all about having fun right mommy? It dosen't matter if you loose."

Jack also loves his daddy so much. To be honest I get a tiny bit jealous sometimes because he is never terribly excited to see me but if Ben walks in the door it is the best moment of the day! All he wants to do is be with his daddy and then talk about his daddy- It's pretty adorable!
Lucas really enjoyed sucking his stroller.


Thursday, February 24, 2011

#43 The "Scunch" nose

I wish my nose was as adorable as wonder boys



Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Flash Back
Jack, 2 years old at Christmas 2008.
LOVE that face.
The wonder of bubbles
#42 Headshots
Today I got to go to a local High school and take headshots for the MUSICAL.

The Musical is;

My Fair Lady




Tuesday, February 22, 2011

#41 Playdough poo, jumping and a thoughts from me
Today, the boys were being very quiet so of course I was suspicious. After investigation I found them in Jack's room with Playdough (against my rules). They were creating playdough boa constrictors and playdough poo.
Boy's are obsessed with poo, at least 10 times every hour some comment is made regarding poo or bottoms; whether it be
"I am going to poo on your face"
"you smell like poo"
"I sucked it up my bum"
"you are a poo poo"
"It tastes of poo"
I could go...I wont. Whats the facination? Poo is multiple colors, a disgusting consitency and smelly. oh dear, I can't believe I just described poo!
Well, I doubt they will never grow out of it.
They Jumped a lot today, nothing got broke so it was a success!

I think you should spend less time being who everyone else is and start being who you really are.

I dare you to be true to yourself

Sometimes I think we are afraid of our potential. We are children of God remember...

There is no degree in motherhood just a lifelong experience that will mold you into something divine if give it your all.

You know that God is NOT discouraged because he keeps sending children to earth.


Monday, February 21, 2011

New Life

Already my tulips are bursting through the ground! As I looked at the beautiful little green shoots reaching towards the sun for growth I pondered how we too reach towards the son, the son of God for growth.


I am a Mormon and I am a regular person seeking happiness. I know that happiness can be found through Jesus Christ. I believe that The Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is the most correct religion on earth and Jesus Christ is the head of it. Family is Central to my happiness. My marriage is so important to me. I am excited about what I know to be true. It is so wonderful to be able to say with complete certainly that Jesus Christ lives. I love praying to God and asking for help I know that with the help of Jesus Christ I can bloom just as the tulips into a glorious being.

"We see ourselves in terms of today but God sees us in terms of forever." If you want to find out if Jesus Christ lives pray, I know sincere prayers are indeed answered.

#40 It's just another Manic Monday
Monday is Laundry and ironing day; Yuck! At the beginning of this year I asked Ben if there was something he would like me to do to make his life easier this year. His answer was SO depressing...He asked me to iron his work shirts! To all my English readers you are probably thinking "why are you not doing that already?" Here in the west ironing is not as common and I really despise ironing for many reasons;
  • It's boring
  • Jack tries to help and makes it pain scary
  • I am not very good at it (wish I was a perfectionist but I am NOT)
  • I burn myself always

Anyway, I have been ironing nearly every Monday and I am working on trying to develop some kind of love towards the task. OK I am not trying that hard to love it just trying to endure it.


Jack and I cleaned our gross let me rephrase I cleaned the car while Jack dug holes in the yard and pulled up the sprinklers. The car smells and looks lovely now thanks to me and the yard needs help thanks to Jack.

Both Jack and I were looking super homeless in regards to our hair so we got a cut. Jack was eating a candy at the hairdressers and I asked him what flavor it was, he said confidently "nutberry!" Who knew there was such a flavor? Apparently nutberry is very delicious.Photobucket Photobucket


Sunday, February 20, 2011

#39 Bath Cuteness

"A parents job is to be avalible as much as possible to celebrate thier children's amazing individuality"

-Marsha A Castleton


#38 Sleeping beauties...and Jack

My life is filled with boys and I love them all more than ice cream or chocolate or anything else.

#37 Rock star Jack

I have mentioned that Jack has an Elvis type hip move, well here it is in all its wiggles and glory:


Thursday, February 17, 2011

#36 Messy painting

We make messes in this house! I am terrifically good at making a mess ask my husband, my mother or anyone who has lived with me and it seems I passed those awesome genes onto my child. I am so proud. We painted blocks, the counter and hands; only one was intentional. It was fun.

Jack had a precious moment. He was naked getting ready for the bath and knelt down and said "you are the best mommy" totally shocked as he was screaming at me minutes earlier declaring to our entire neighborhood that he was not my friend. I thanked him and we snuggled and I told him that he was the best Jack.


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

You raise me up...

I was sitting here with my enormous baby in my arms and I realized that he was asleep. He looked so peaceful and perfect and the song "You raise me up" started playing on my Pandora station (which I love) and I thought about how my children raise me up.

When I am feeling low or exhausted Jack will randomly say so matter of fact "mommy I love you so much" or Lucas smiles and giggles at me. These little moments make me want to be better, they indeed raise me up to more than I can be on my own. Motherhood is challenging but I feel I have made more personal progression because I am a mother.

I hope one day I will be able to raise my children up and help them climb their mountains of life and help them through the Stormy seas so that they can be all that they can be.

#35 Tangled

LOVED this movie! Jack got a little scared at the psycho mother which really wasn't scary but he has a sensitive soul. When the guy nearly dies but is saved by Rapunzel's magic Jack was trying his hardest not to cry and so was I. I am a sucker for happy endings.Altogether I highly recommend this delightful movie, I might even buy it.



Jack got serious today. He was asking about death and heaven. He told me that he didn't like heaven. I explained to him that heaven was a glorious place, a place so very special and far more wonderful than earth. I tried to explain that if we make good choices we can all be together as a family forever in heaven. He asked me if he would be able to meet my horse Shrimp who died when I was 18, of course you can I responded, "well I like heaven then" he replied. I love this kid. And I do believe full heartedly that Heaven is everything I told him it would be.


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

#34 EVERYTHING is a RACE with boys...

#33 FEBRUARY 14th

I am not much of a Valentines gal. Not that I am against all the LOVE I just don't enjoy the pressure of going to the store and buying something just because someone somewhere decided that on February 14th we should all walk around saying mushy stuff to our loved one. Well, I like to say mushy stuff to my hubby everyday and any day, I don't need an excuse.

A huge bonus for me on this day of mush was Mr. Carney came home normal time!!!!! This was spectacular. He had a wrestling match with bulldozer Jack. Jack was jumping in places that looked uncomfortable for Ben. Jack kept yelling;
"Slam me again! like 8 times"


Sunday, February 13, 2011

#32 "Anything Can Happen"

I love musicals and so does my Jack Attack.
Today, we were jamming out to the broadway version of Marry Poppins. We were spectacular. Jack's dance moves were worthy of "SO You Think You Can Dance." Jack has this pattented hip wiggle move that just tickles my funny bone. We listened to the same song at least 20 times. Each time we ran around the room singing our hearts out hitting all the wrong notes but who would know, our only audience was Lucas and he has to LOVE me because my milk is his life source. Without me he would not be the famous fat child, and what type of life would that be?

This song has such a beautiful message. I LOVE the lyrics;

If you reach for the stars all you get are the stars
but we've found a whole new spin if you reach for the heavens
You get the stars thrown in
Anthing can happen if you let it
life out there is waiting so go and get it

*Ok so Jack looks more like a serial killer in these actions shots, I promise you were were happily singing and dancing...

So the other day on our way home from Miss Patti's pre-school Jack and Dallin told me who they were going to Marry:

Jack: You need to tell my mom
Dallin: Oh Yeah...Tessica (Dallin always says my name with a "T" and I LOVE it)so today we decided who we are going to marry. Guess who I am going to marry?
Me: Who?
Dallin: Madison!
Me: Oh lovely, (inside I gigggle; thats your cousin!) Jack who are you going to marry?
Jack: Hummm, I think I will marry Cory
Dallin: Oh come on! You can't marry Cory she is my friend!

Another dialogue

Jack: Dallin what are you doing?
Dallin: This is MY job! I am getting pants for Lucas
Jack: Hummm that's OK because I am playing in the superball

Thismorning Jack asked me, "So what are you going to get me for valantines day?" Checky little lad.

Today I am feeling very thankful. I know God lives and loves us. No questions:)
#31 The dog

This dog can drive me crazy, like when she eats diapers and licks the contents and scatters little scraps of diaper all over my floor! This happens daily. The grossest thing is that she looks SO happy while she is doing it. It's as if every lick of poop is one step closer to eternal bliss. As gross as she can be she is terribly tolerant of the kiddos. Oh and by the way she caught a mouse today; her first EVER kill.

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