Monday, December 13, 2010

I need some perspective...

So sometimes I don't even feel like the same person. The positive, bubbly person I grew up being rather I feel like I am slowly going crazy. You know how life is, just trotting alone, doing the same old same old stuff and then one day comes along you are running on too little sleep, children are tired, grumpy and plain old mean and you just want to escape for a couple of hours. Do you know those days? Please say you do, otherwise I might just cry.

Well, it's one of those days. Lots of screaming, from children to each other, from me to to them (bad mommy day:() my internal organs feel like they have had a screaming match too. The fact is today has not been too different from any other day but it just mounts up until it becomes too much. As I sit her with a fiery tempest burrowing within me I realize if only I would heed the counsel of our living day prophet I wouldn't feel the darkness that is encompassing me this moment.

Thats right I believe that there is a living prophet of God on earth today, his name is Thomas Monson. I believe that he speaks with God, I mean, why would God stop talking to his children? He wouldn't. The Prophet and the scriptures counsel us to read the scriptures and pray daily, two things that I have allowed to become less urgent. I am taking this little melt down episode as a HUGE sign that I need to sharpen my senses and re-prioritize my life.

It's Christmas time and I don't even feel the wonder yet. It's disappointing that as you age and become more concerned with adult issues and let go of the wonder of Christmas. I love Santa Clause and the glitter he brings to Christmas but really I love the feel of Christmas. The spirit of Christmas or the spirit of Christ. The Christmas Carols bring me such Joy. I feel so blessed to know why there is a Christmas. Jesus Christ was Born in a manger to Mary and Joseph; it was exceedingly humble. I need to realize that Christmas doesn't need to be grand. Rather our hearts need to be humble enough to feel the spirit of Christ pierce our hearts enough to encourage change, change to be kinder, more loving, more patient and a little more perfect.

Wow, now I am feeling a lot less dark and a little more hopeful. You see that what talking about Jesus Christ can do for you, it can brighten your very being. I believe that every single person is blessed with the light of Christ, a little piece of Christ is in all of us and as we make good choices and draw closer to Christ that light within us grows and grows, blessing our life and the lives of those around us until we are radiant with the light of Christ. Doesn't that sound wonderful? I pledge that I will do more to make the light of Christ within in me grow. I want to be radiant don't you?

I invite you to shew the darkness from your life and feed the light of Christ so that you can fully appreciate the Christmas message of this glorious season.

A message from our Prophet:


Friday, December 10, 2010

Comparing Jack to Lucas


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

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