Thursday, October 28, 2010

Halloween party at Pre-school

I dropped a cheeky pirate and an awesome footballer off at Pre-school today. Oh, how cute are they?! Before we left they were running around playing football (American football) all I heard was "Hike! Hike" "Touch DOWN!!!"

At the beginning of pre-school the kids got to show off their costumes to all the parents and sing some songs for us. Take a look at the cuteness:


Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I came down stairs from feeding Lucas to find Jack boxing on the Wii. He had figured the entire thing out even down to putting the numchuck on, we haven't played boxing for over a year.. Great now he is obsessed with boxing:)

Here is some fun we had being silly today, Lucas is in love with nudity;


Sunday, October 24, 2010

Dog bite, Fall leaves, Pumpkin carving party and Hunting...

A week ago Poor jack got attacked by evil Ruthie. It was really scary. Jack was amazingly tough and tried so hard to be brave, he kept saying "Mommy I will be just fine."

The war wounds, {Heart goes thumpity thump}

So, even though I have a love/hate relationship with the season of fall (it makes me nervous not sure why) the leaves are glorious and YELLOW. I am a huge advocate for everything yellow. Seriously, if I could convince Ben I would have a bright yellow house, just imagine how happy that would be... Anyway, we were raking the leaves the other day and as soon as I would make a pile Jack and Dallin (Jack's BFF) just threw the leaves everywhere. Oh well, I tried to help with yard work.

How Cute is my big little guy...
I don't care if you think he is weird looking I am completely taken with him, his smile and blues eyes squeeze me heart.

Friday night we headed to a friends house for their annual Pumpkin carving party. It was delightful fun! The coolest thing was seeing all the babies born in the months July and August. Lucas AKA "the Tank" or "Giant baby" was bigger than all the normal sized babies. Ben always jokes by saying Lucas ate another child. Lucas also got to see his birthday buddy Thatcher; I can't believe it's been a little over 3 months since my labor with Lucas. It seems FOREVER ago; weird how time flies.

So this next picture of me my nose looks HUGE, seriously I am always teasing Beth about her giant nose but look at my honking nose.

SO Ben shot himself a deer. I just knew he would get one yesterday, He called me and told me he shot buckzilla.

**Friends that are anti killing animals this may seem barbaric to you, I suggest you skip this paragraph.

I have never seen one of Ben's kills before, I thought I would be squimish or sad but it was pretty cool. He (the deer) was bigger than I thought and really soft. I kind of love anatomy and secretly wanted to look inside of him but thought the grossed out viewers would judge me so I kept to stroking his soft fur which was equally kind of weird. Jack didn't seemed too bothered by the deer being dead but got really mad because he wanted to help lift the deer, sadly his muscles are not big enough for that job.


Thursday, October 14, 2010

We went to the temple and drew it the other day; Jack is quite the artist. We discovered a bumble bee and a cricket. We were happy:)

My little boys make me smile.


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

As I was saying....

in my previous post I mentioned how I have those moments that are super intense, well let me just describe one that is SO fresh in my mind.

Going to the dog park with two children - intense no more like insane!

Ok, so I load the boys and the dog crate and the dog into the car. We are off; that's the easy part. Get there put Lucas in a baby carrier, listen to Jack moan about how hot it is at the dog park, Reagan is whining as loud as an engine of a tractor.

Lucas strapped to my chest, Jack in close proximity, Reagan on the tightest lead EVER!

The 100 yards to the park entrance takes an entire 5+ minutes because Reagan pulls so hard that I have to stop every mila second to regain my balance in hopes that I will not squash my huge three month old. Oh and Jack paired up with lighting and is already standing at the entrance.

About to enter, "Mom, need to pee, now!" Urg, I asked him to go before we left. OK of to a somewhat secluded spot to pee. Jack uses his little underwear pocket and flips out mr. pee pee. I look down there is pee on his trousers= meltdown. I spend the next 5 minutes saying that it's OK to have a little pee dribble, no one will know.

OK, back to the entrance. In we go.

Reagan zooms, literally zooms in and chases all the dogs around. She is such a show off.

Jack decides that he will throw rocks at the dogs he doesn't like the look of and I try to control the situation with Lucas strapped to me crying.

I have to Laugh! My insides are laughing really hard right now because I know it is just going to get worse so I am trying really hard to see the funny side.

Finally I convince Jack that throwing rocks is not a great idea and tell him pirate stories. 10 minutes of somewhat control. *Note to self: 10 minutes of telling stories in a pirate voice leaves you with a hoarse voice. Now loaded with new ideas Jack blasts invisible canon balls at the dogs. I much prefer this:)

OK time to leave before I loose my mind. Oh wait I already have:)

Getting Reagan on the lead was easier than I thought, Yippie! At the gate we come face to face with a she-man or he-woman not sure what he/ she was but there was a mid drift showing in mans clothing- weird to say the least. Anyway the he-woman opens the gate the wrong way and dropped her/his slim fast became all flustered and angry at Jack and me. "Urm hello your the one who opened it the wrong way." At this point I just wanted to flick a rubber band at his/her face but decided to pull an ugly face and briskly walk away.

Reagan's pulling, Lucas fussing and Jack running away towards the car. I yell several time for him to stop, does he listen- NO. I freak out that he is going to get run over and loose a leg. No ice pop for Jack as he has lost all his listening skills. There is screaming in the car the entire way home.

We are home and Jack is napping, I am feeding Lucas, Reagan is asleep and the he-woman is nowhere in sight. Everything seems less dramatic now. AHhhh, I think I will work out and sweat so much that it looks like I was caught in a rain shower.

You might ask "and why do you take your dog to the dog park?" and I would answer "Because it makes my husband happy" and that ladies and gentleman is what LOVE is all about.

And so I look like this:

and that's a towel on my head, no I did not go outside looking like that. Well not quite that bad.

I love my crazy boys.

My husbo, Ben is getting his hunting fever on, I sure hope he takes down a good old buck this year, I am thinking Jerky baby!

Jack attack is hilarious, hard work and way to smart. The other day he ran into our room eyes bright and wide with excitement; "Mom, I am SO happy there is a pocket for my penis" pointing to his underwear. Too funny. His new little revelation has made going to pee way more exciting, I think he is peeing twice as often. He is always hurting himself, seriously it looks like he is beaten, I swear I don't beat him.

Lucas smiles SO much. Sometimes when he smile super big it looks like his eyes may pop out. He has the loudest scream, not much of a fan of that. He is a very pleasant baby. I love snuggling him.

I am way into being a mother of two boys. I have those moments that are super intense and I feel like I might vanish with stress but on the whole I really LOVE it! Having two children is so much more enjoyable that I anticipated.

We played pirates the other day; It ROCKED! I have to say I make a mean pirate. Jack was very focused on blasting canon balls at all the bad guys hiding in our yard. The dog house was our boat, Reagan the dog was a damsel in distress and of course we had a telescope (that we had made) to spot all the treasure.

Cute boys


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