Sunday, May 30, 2010

A hug....

I saw you as I was walking down the stairs and causally asked how you were.

You were not good.

I could see in your eyes a longing to talk, a longing for love.

But I had places to go people to see. I barely know you what could I say that would help?

but I knew I could help because what you needed I could give you.

You explained through tears of anguish and heart ache your pain, I didn't know what to say being so young with no experience

so I said "I'll pray for you" and then gave her what she needed

...a hug

We hugged for a while.

Your family isn't here to hug you so I stepped in and am thankful for the opportunity to be your friend.

Sometimes it's just a simple act of hugging someone that can help them feel the love of God.

IS there anyone you know who needs a hug today?

Saturday, May 29, 2010

*Photo by Me.

A thought of mine:

Maybe you are small in the great scheme of things but that doesn't demean your importance or beauty!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Jack Attack!

Here is Jack's amazing "J"

Jack thinks he is SO funny.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sunday fun...

Sunday afternoon it was GLORIOUS! We packed up a picnic and headed to the mountains and found this

After stuffing our faces with sandwiches, chips, pasta salad and of course cookies (which were devoured mostly by Mr. Jack) we took our legs for a walk. Jack was "in charge" as he put it of Reagans treats. This being the case he got to wear the super awesome bum pack right out of the 80's. Yes check out that electric green.

Then off to the river to throw in rocks. Jack is quite the professional rock thrower. He is practicing his skill so he can take out bad men. He is somewhat obsessed with punching down, and taking out bad men.

So Jack did this

While Reagan and Ben did this

I watched, took pictures and enjoyed the bountiful motions of my uterus baby

Sadly, the fun was interrupted by Reagan teeth penetrating Ben's finger nail. Sorry no picture I was trying to be supportive and sympathetic at the time but I will assure you that Ben will make it and amputation will not be necessary.

On the walk back to car this guy was far less happier than he seems in this picture

or this picture

If I remember correctly he was crying quite dramatically. But what can you do, the kid is three!

The afternoon was delightful:)


Monday, May 24, 2010

Here's what I learned from a week without mirrors:

Yes, it was hard. Yes, I was nervous that What not to wear might turn up and take me to New York for a make over which would have been embarrassing but somewhat welcomed. Yes, I cheated a couple times...honesty is the best policy.

So what did I learn...One true fact: the way I look dictates the way I feel. I didn't really know this previous to the experiment. I found myself having to decide how I felt rather than looking to my reflection for a conformation that because I looked cute, skinny (practically impossible being 7 + months pregnant) or put together I could feel confident and great about myself that day. My little self revelation reminded me of times when a person has asked me in a concerned manner "are you OK? Are you sick?" when I was feeling awesome but the questions made me question myself whether I was OK and then the next second a head ache is coming on. It's amazing what our brain is capable of!

Once I got used to avoiding mirrors I enjoyed deciding how I felt from a internal point of view. I felt grounded in my decisions and weirdly more productive. I kind of found an inner power. Now, I am not going to continue avoiding the mirrors and reflections that surround me but I am going to try to look at my reflection less or at least after I have decided how I feel about myself.

After avoiding looking at myself I took great pleasure in looking at myself. To be honest I saw beauty. No longer did my eyes instantly check out all my flaws but looked at who I was and appreciated what they saw. Being a pregnant stay at home mother it can be really easy to feel ugly and focus on the fact that I haven't had my hair cut in ages, that sometimes my hair doesn't get brushed till mid day, that half my clothes have snot smeared on then, are the same clothes I have been wearing for the last three + years, have holes in from the dog or are stained. Avoiding the mirror allowed me to escape all these negative feelings and I found humor in myself.

It was an interesting and revealing experiment. I love learning new things about myself. I am sure glad I did it!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

I am Thankful for the freedom to choose whether I will be happy or not, what about you?


Thursday, May 20, 2010

So Jack had a birthday!

He is now Three although he thinks he is four but I know it was only three years ago that I was experiencing labor for the first time.

His cake was green. The icing was green, the inside was green and green candles.

He had a bunch of little boys, they played golf, painted their faces and squirted water guns.

After the amazing cake that they all manged to smear around their faces they had a candy hunt just to ensure that they would be super hyper for the rest of the day. -This was all on Saturday but Tuesday was his actual birthday.

Tuesday night we had a present treasure hunt. Totally awesome idea! Jack loved it and after became obsessed with the fish game; thanks mum!

I can't believe my tiger is three. He is so full of life, tantrums and bruises I can hardly believe it! He is such a big boy. He frequently reminds me that he is a big boy now and no longer my baby:(

Jack has some awesome moves...this is just one of his wow motifs!

We like to do the robot dance to, maybe I will be able to get a shot of that soon. jack says dancing makes him feel better!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My belly has indeed grown...

Well, my nephew Rex said it best when he saw me last week:

"Anut Jessica you used to be skinny and now your ..... belly is SO big"

Thank-you Rex for not saying the first word that popped into your head:)

I am seven months or 32 weeks.

This little baby moves non-stop so it seems.

I feel like I can't breathe half the time, I guess my rib cage is an awesome play area.

Jack still thinks his baby brother is the size of his finger. I sure hope not otherwise I have been major over eating!

I have put on 22 pounds already!! I am shocked.

I am down to running just once a week and its run/walk intervals.

Yoga is still awesome and I plan on doing yoga during labor. Ben thinks this is weird but what can he say he is not the one who has to birth a child and I LOVE weird.

Ben bought me a heat pack for mother's day and it is amazing at reveling all the aches and ouches of pregnancy.

I have no idea where the hospital I am supposed to deliver at is, I should figure that one out.

We have no idea about names.

*More belly shots on my photography blog; I had a lot of fun with these.
Just a thought....

If you stop focusing on what is making you unhappy you will start to discover all the things that make you happy:) And don't we all want to be happy?

Monday, May 17, 2010

I am taking this challenge, wish me luck it should be interesting.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


So we headed off to Idaho for this guys big 90th birthday bash, otherwise known as Grandpa Hall

We took this young lady and she behaved surprisingly well...phew...

Between Jack, Reagan and my own over active bladder we stopped frequently but made it to Utah Wednesday night to spend the night with this crazy lot

This old man turned 52 and these little ones loved blowing out candles

After fun in the park the following morning we headed back on the road to Idaho. By the time we go there my bum was extremely sore. Jack was extraordinarily tired and just wanted to go back to his new home but a good nights rest was all he needed.

Next morning these two cute boys turned up and Jack was in heaven.

Organizing lots with this wonderful woman

After a busy day we all slept ready to put together a wonderful party for Grandpa.

Costco, Subway, the museum, chopping, slicing, arranging, power point presentation, memorabilia, lots of smiling and family members were the ingredients of a great celebration.

By about 3pm I was feeling rather tired, especially my feet so I got to take the kids back with mark and relax while they ran around the yard with boundless energy.

Most of the time Rex was doing this

Jack tried to copy but decided it was way out of his league so he stuck to doing this

As for Sammy boy...well he was just plain cute

When Ben got back the kids took him down guns and all...

After a long day we ended lounging around together telling and listening to funny stories about Grandpa. It felt great to relax and laugh.

Mothers day was great because Jack slept till 7:30am!!! This is a huge sleep in for me, even though I was up at 6:30 it was nice to relax for a extra hour. Ben made everyone breakfast and we all had a relaxing morning.

Right before church we tried to get a family photo Jack was not impressed

But I forgave him because look how adorable he can be

Then back on the road to Utah to see my family before headed out in the morning. We squeezed a breakfast in with two lovable people, you know who you are;)

It was a lovely week, too much driving but worth it.

My favorite photo of the trip


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Be inspired...I was:) Lets try a little harder to be a little better. We are all in this together so lets build each other up:)I love my savior Jesus Christ.

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