Friday, April 23, 2010

Recent Adventures

Our trip downtown with Elaine, Ethan and Ella was very eventful. The kids ended up dancing in the sprinklers in just their underwear, wish I could get away with that! It was great entertainment. Jack must have thought that the water was a ninja as he took to karate chopping it with his legs and arms. The kids ran into the water and chopped the water then ran out squealing. This repeated several times. When I told Ben about it he told me that we were totally white trash! Thanks dear!

The other day Jack and I were gardening. I was pulling out a bazillion roots of the grossest plant ever while Jack nurtured a little worm. In fact the worm was called "Mr. Worm" Jack invented that name, impressive huh? Anyway the worm had royal treatment, he was rapped up in my jacket, that part somewhat grosses me out! After an hour of being loved by Jack Mr. worm mysteriously disappeared! Jack's world pretty much fell apart. It was devastating, tears were shed. It was sad. To be honest I was most concerned that he would be hidden in my jacket.

So I have the privilege to watch a little guy Jack's age twice a week and he was singing "shake your booty" the other day. Jack has never really heard this so he starting singing "shake your boobies!" While shaking his bum! It was really funny.

Yesterday, Ben got home before Jack went to bed (loved it!) anyway Jack was thrilled beyond measure to see his daddy. They were playing a little baseball. Jack pitched a great ball and Ben hit a winning home run (basically whenever you hit the ball Jack considers it a home run) Jack puts down his bat and says, "Oh give me a cuddle daddy!" It was adorable:)


Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I can't believe that I will be 29 weeks pregnant this weekend! I am in the third trimester...yikes! It flies by so much faster when you already have one kiddo.

My thoughts of this pregnancy:

  • It started off gross. Pretty much daily vomiting and feeling youchy. You know the usual. But I haven't vomited since the 25th of march! yippie:)
  • I feel much bigger, people comment that I am small but I feel anything but small.
  • Everything is a little more wobbly, I wont go into details but basically it's been stretched once and knows the deal.
  • This little guy moves just like his brother did, he is an all time trapeze artist in my uterus. At night time he puts on quite the show, my tummy looks like jello wobbling all over the place.
  • When I was pregnant with Jack I craved bacon, red meat and sausage but this one I love vitamin water, juice, strawberries, blueberries and donuts (these always took away my nausea). Weird variety I know.
  • I am carrying a little different. My tummy feels longer and my ribs feel like they are being pushed aside.
  • I am still running or shuffling or scooting whatever you want to call it I am still at it. It's down to twice a week only doing about 2 miles and on the other days I do yoga and aerobics. I am a huge advocate for exercise during pregnancy it really makes a huge difference. OK I will step down from my soap box, but really exercise rocks!
  • SO yes I do yoga a few times a week and still can manage a back bend. I am not sure where the baby moves to in that position but he goes somewhere.
  • Jack likes to talk to the baby by blowing raspberries on my stomach. It's sloppy, wet, weird and somewhat cute.
  • I am much more tired with this one but I guess thats to be expected with Mr. Jackman running all over me.
  • I am starting to freak out about having another child. I know it's going to be hard and my periodic meltdowns will most likely become more frequent.
  • I feel guilty for not thinking as much about this little guy within me. When I was pregnant with Jack I thought about it ALL the time and talked about it ALL the time but this time I frequently forget that I am pregnant. The back pain is my best reminder. I feel bad:(
  • I plan on trying a natural birth again, crazy I know but I really do want to feel like wonder woman and something within me tells me that pushing a child out without drugs will help me achieve my goal of wonderness. We will see.
  • We haven't really talked about names, we are pathetic that way. We need to start thinking about it.
  • My belly button has already popped, doesn't help that I have a half outy to begin with. Jack says my belly button is fat. Ha!
Everything seems to be going well according to the doctors which brings me great peace and happiness. Pregnancy is not an easy thing for me, I mean others have it way worse but I don't do pregnancy gracefully thats for sure but the fact is, it's worth it. I was looking at my Jack last night and just cried. He is my world and I love him so much, I would do anything for him and I just know I am going to feel the same way about this next one. I am not the best mother but I hope that Heavenly Father will continue to help me be better because these children deserve everything.


Friday, April 9, 2010

My man's birthday!

Well, I am married to a 27 year old now, still a spring chicken! Ben had the day off work to head out to the mountains for some well deserved snowboarding he came home with a killer skiers sunburn across his face; most likely the highlight of the day:)

Jack was very determined that we make daddy a cake for the special day. I had him call Ben a few days ago while he was at work to ask him about the cake;

Jack: hi daddy, what kind of birthday cake do you want? A red one, a green one, a blue one?

Jack was quite determined to make a green cake as he is obsessed with the color but quite frankly I didn't want to make a green cake. Strawberries were on sale at a killer price so I suggested we make a red cake instead. Really, it was a red, yellow and white cake and it turned out pretty fab to look at and to eat. This is a rare occurrence in my kitchen.

Anyway, we spent the evening just being together grilling and relaxing. Awesome!

Ben is my everything, if Mr. Jack turns out like him I will be the happiest mother alive. I am a very blessed lady:)

Monday, April 5, 2010

My Family Came:)

Well, the fam arrived 8 days ago and left Sunday morning. We had lovely weather and a great time with each other. I was thrilled to have a little more company.

Because my life is so interesting and you are all dying to know what we did here's the load down:

My family experienced my cooking skills almost daily. I am a little bit of a scientist in the kitchen just throwing stuff together, sometimes it works and sometimes it just blows up in my face. Either way we eat it and smile. They were graceful but I could tell they were scared mother is some what of a perfectionist in the kitchen (some how I missed out on that gene).

Monday we headed Downtown, for a picnic by the river. Yes, Denver is that cool to have a river running through downtown! Apart from the over turned porter potty with poop leaking out it was a very splendid adventure. Lots of walking, the sun was radiant and we were as silly as could be.

Tuesday we headed to the pool. Jack was a little brave soul tackling the slide all by himself while Beth sat shivering in the pool. Little did Beth know that when you go swimming with a little one you don't really swim it's more of a 'stand and watch your child' scenario. This might not be a big deal for most people but my family: we swim! I mean when we are in the pool together we play games and swim for hours, ask Ben he thinks we are weird.

Wednesday off to the temple. Ahh I love that place. The temple is such a special place I feel so blessed to be able to go there and enjoy the beauty. In the evening we went to "Mary Poppins." LOVED it! What a fun glorious musical. Highly recommend it. There's flying involved and tap dancing on the ceiling. Aren't you itching to see it now?

Thursday off on a hike up Mount Falcon. There was still snow, we got wet and our hearts were pounding by the end. It was fun. And then something AWESOME husband came home early! And to make life even better he had the rest of the week off. HEAVEN! Off to "The Blind Side" great movie:)

Friday we bounced our way to heaven at a trampoline park. Dad was eternally zapped after about 15 minutes; the man is getting old.

Saturday we traveled to Colorado Springs for "Garden of the Gods", the "Air force academy" and yummy food.

All in all a wonderful week! Some highlights were:

  • When Beth discovered the true meaning on the word "Vivid" I won't embarrass her by divulging what she thought it meant but lets say I am amazed that she has lived 16 years without using the word correctly.
  • When Jack prayed: Heavenly father please bless the food, bless daddy get home from work-HA (huge, enormous smile) no work for daddy, no work for daddy today. In the name of Jesus Christ Amen
  • When my mother tried to act out the word "Jerk" for our game of charades. Let's say there was a lot of thrusting involved. Need I say more? It was quite the sight!
  • When I let Beth drive me to the store. I thought I would be terrified but no I was truly as cool as can be. I am the coolest big sister.
  • When we watched a youtube video of a dog saying "I love you" this was SO stinking funny, I will post it sometime. We laughed so hard.
  • When dad ruined one of Beths' photos.

My favorite shots:

Just in case you haven't notice my family and I are a little crazy!
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