Sunday, January 31, 2010

Jack Attack the MONSTER

Yes, Jack is a monster! This week he provided many examples of his monsterific behavior. I think Heavenly Father really wanted to test my patience this week and boy was it tested.

Sunday- Wacked me around the head with a badminton bat. Yes it hurt!

Monday- Drew on 3 walls, the toilet lid, toilet bowl and bath tub with permeate marker. If I had a camera I would have taken pictures, you would have cried at the mess. If you are wondering, yes I did get it removed after using a potent miracle solution from Home Depot. My biceps are bigger now.

Wednesday- Sprayed half a bottle of Tilex on to the computer monitor (we haven't even had it for a year) it is fried and died Thursday night.

Sunday- Emptied make-up powder all over the bathroom vanity; it got into and on so much stuff and smeared lipstick over towels. I am so glad I got up a little early today.

Now I know what you are thinking, "how on earth did he get into that stuff? Shouldn't you have it out of reach?" Well, the kid is Houdini. He can get into everything. He can lock and unlock doors. Height is never a problem he just grabs a chair, the cooler, a stool and makes a terribly unstable platform to get to his desired destination. The biggest problem is when I discover his creations he looks at me with open eyes and a smile, "I'm cleaning" or "I'm just drawing, it doesn't matter."

Jack conversation

Mum: Jack do you like dogs
Jack: Daddy likes dogs. I like cats.
Mum: Do you want to get a Cat?
Jack: I want to get a rabbit like beth
Mum: Auntie Beth does have rabbits, how many?
Jack: two
Mum: do you remember their names?
Jack: no, whats their names?
Mum: Twit and rolo
Jack: I eat rolo's
Mum: yeah I know she named them after cany bars weird huh?
Jack: no it's not weird, it's just OK
mum: Well what color rabbit do you want?
Jack: urmm... Green.
Mum: I don't think there are green rabbits. rabbits are usually brown, white, black or grey.
Jack: I want a black rabbit
Mum: Oh great! What will you call it?
Jack: urm... rolo.

Jack Attack is crazy and busy but I sure love him.
Sunday lessons

Well today our Sunday School lesson was teaching the principle of choosing captivity by submitting to temptations or freedom through obedience. I am so thankful for this principle, it has blessed me so much in my life.

I was talking with a young girl from a nearby high school that I have been helping at, she just turned 18 years old. I congratulated her on becoming an adult. Someone mentioned that she might be 18 but she still can't legally drink alcohol. She said that she didn't anyway. I then took the opportunity to tell her and the others that I have never in my life drank Alcohol. They looked somewhat shocked. I continued to elaborate on the blessings that choice has provided. When I myself was in High school many of my peers viewed that my choice to not drink alcohol was in some way preventing me from having fun or limiting my freedom. The fact is that choice increased my freedom. I told the newly turned 18 year old that because I choice to never drink alcohol I never lost control of myself, never ended up somewhere with no idea how, never allowed anyone to defile my body, never had a hangover, never made choices under the influence of alcohol etc... My body and mind are healthier because of the choice not to drink alcohol, I choose freedom!

It is my hope today that I can look at my life and analyse what choices are holding me captive and what steps I need to take to embrace freedom.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Lessons of the Sabbath.

I entered church with a contemplating attitude. My desire to feel God's love was strong due to an intense morning with a determined two year old. One of the talks presented the idea of different types of visions. Prophets have visions they walk with God are visited by angles. Inspired people have visions about their future or family etc... and we all have our own little visions of what we hope to become.

The speaker talked about how Jesus Christ can help us make our personal visions a reality. Obviously, in order to make these visions a reality we need to put effort forward and be willing to take risks, sometimes huge risks and it is these risks that will help us achieve our goals. After a painful and tearful morning with master Jack and having heard this message on visions I created a vision of my own. It is my vision that one day I will be a great mother. Being a mother does not come easy to me, daily I am challenged and realize another fault. I know that Jesus Christ can help me become better. There is a lot of work on my behalf but with the Atonement of Jesus Christ anything is possible. I hope to one distant day make this vision a reality.

During Relief Society (a meeting for just the ladies 18 years and older) I was reminded that heavenly father is in control. Two images began swirling around my mind. First, a lady at church suffers with the daily task of dealing with bodily deformities. Her arms and hands are twisted and short but her abilities are vast and great. The other image is of dear loved ones who are grieving the loss of a baby. I wonder why is the lady deformed, why did the baby return to God? What went wrong? How can I help?

I don't know the answers to these questions but I do know that God is in control and it is our opportunity to turn to him and draw upon the healing power of his love and sacrifice. I am so thankful for the amazing examples of those suffering, their testimonies are bright and beautiful to me, I want to be as they are; strong and unwavering in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I hope I can stay true to the faith in preparation of what life may bring for God is in control of that but I can control how I respond to life's opportunities whether good or bad.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sunday Lessons

I LOVE church! There is a feeling of comfort and pure happiness at church, today I couldn't help but smile. Today one of the lessons was discussing how we are children of GOD. How powerful is that? I truly believe that I am a daughter of God and have the potential to become as God is. Too frequently I allow my soul to be swallowed with thoughts and feelings of inadequacy but these thoughts and feelings are not of God. Each of us are like a beautiful novel. Each story is different, unique and beautiful. We must stop reading the books of those around us and open our very own book of life and begin living the stories of our divine lives.

Something that helps me find strength is prayer. Prayer is literal communication with a divine being who is God the father. I can testify that prayers are answered. I was raised with the knowledge that God answers prayers but it wasn't until I left home and attended college that I began to understand how literal prayers can be. I remember feeling very devastated and alone. I knelt at my bed side and poured my heart out in desperation. I needed to feel peace and comfort and prayer seemed like the only option. During my tearful prayer I petitioned God to console me and he did! I have never felt so much love in one moment. In that moment I felt the arms of Love cradle me, a warmth so comforting settled upon me and I felt whole. This was no coincident it was Heavenly Father answering my prayer. You can have this too.

I encourage you to join me by drawing upon God for help through the vessel of prayer. Prayer can be literal it is our choice to make it so.


Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sunday Lessons

Today before church Jack and I were watching some "Mormon Messages" they are wonderful uplifting messages if you haven't seen any I highly recommend them. We were watching one and Jack excitedly said look it's baby Jesus and them later "Oh, it's big Jesus, I love Jesus!" Then he went on to tell me about Jesus and Father Christmas and how he loved them both, he was getting them a little mixed up. I realized that my two and a half year old who has a tendency to be a horror from time to time recognizes good. Jack doesn't know the stories of Jesus, all his teachings. He doesn't fully understand the purpose of Father Christmas but he recognizes that they both make him happy and are good. I think we need to listen to the scriptures and become as little children by recognizing the good that surrounds us. If we train our selves to see good we will see it everywhere.

There is a gentleman in our Branch (church) who is blind. Without fail I learn from this mans example on a weekly basis. Today as the closing prayer ended the first person to stand and put away his chair was this sweet blind man. He not only put away his chair but 6 or so others. I have very able eyes but too often they turned inward but the man with no eyes serves relentlessly and selflessly. Putting away a chair is such a small task for me and yet I often find myself too busy to perform a simple act of service. I hope I can see as the man who relies on his heart for sight.

Today I had the spiritual prompting to hug someone, I ignored it. I am ashamed because I know that my hug was needed. Join me in trying to listen to God's prompting and make this world a happier place.
Let us Hope.


Friday, January 8, 2010

The perception of Beautiful?

This has been on my mind a lot recently and then I just read a great article from one of my professors from BYU found here and I thought I just can't keep my mouth shut anymore, so here goes. Be prepared major opinions coming!

Everyone wants to look nice and whats wrong with that? Not a thing. But heres where my problem begins:

Photoshop how glorious or rather how destructive might be more appropriate. Now I bet most of you are well aware that nearly every magazine cover has been photoshopped and augmented except for the ones who's stories are trying to show how a celebrity has put on weight, let herself go or had entered rehab. The funny thing is even though we know the pictures are unrealistic, have seen the dove video or check this one out most of us don't even care we still want that. The fact is the standard set by the beloved media doesn't exist, well only on the computer. Even if you get your fake boobs, a nose job, face lift, tummy tuck, lipo whatever it is eventually you will find something else that you don't like or that is not matching up the invisible standards that are unattainable.

I tend to harp on about how amazing our body is but the fact is it's TRUE! So what if you have a pair of thunder thighs, a big nose, flat hair or small breasts at least you have them. Think of the people who have lost their legs due to an accident or disease, 50,000 new amputations every year in USA based on information from National Center for Health Statistics. Do you think they would care if they had chunky thighs, I think they would give anything to have any working legs regardless of their shape and size. Small breasts, saggy breasts or what have you think about those with breast cancer, I would take saggy breasts any day over the tears and struggles caused by breast cancer.

As adults we have a duty to prepare the way for those to come we can either play into the trap of self destruction laid out by the media or we can learn to love our bodies. Yes we have to learn how to love our bodies, its difficult and an on going process but an essential element to raising self confident children. I want my children to be strong and to be confident as individuals. I don't want my children at the age of four looking in the mirror and saying "I am fat!" I want them to look into the mirror and see a curious human being with amazing capabilities.

I know that I need to focus more on what I have rather than on what I don't have; this is the key to eternal joy.

We all have amazing bodies and are beautifully unique in so many glorious ways, lets embrace them:)

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Our Christmas Family Overloaded Trip!

It began in our faithful Nissan Altima and although no one can figure out why she makes her whistling tune she kept us safe on our travels this Christmas. Jack watched way too many movies on the drive but it kept him somewhat quiet so "thank-you technology!"
First stop: Utah. we stayed with my cousin, thanks Marcus! Our time was spent playing rock band, attending the temple, bowling, eating food and chatting. Jack and Josh played quite well this time although they has there screaming matches that were entertaining.

Love these pics of the little rock band, they all got into character!

Bowling was a huge hit in Jack's book. He pretty much thinks we should bowl everyday. Sad thing is both Jack and Josh got higher scores than Beth and I, I wont even say how pathetic our scores were...but we had a blast so thats all that matters.

The whole bowling crew

Little miss Rach has grown so much since the last time we saw her. I love her cheeks! She was somewhat terrified of Ben and I, I guess we have scary faces.

Second Stop: Idaho. Christmas Eve we set off bright and early. I slept most of the way while Jack Watched more movies and Ben handled the wheel. Finally there. OK so Mr. Jack was really grasping the whole Santa thing this year and was he bet! Carrots were left, with black juice and a cookie. Before retiring to his bed Jack guarded his treats for Santa and the reindeer faithfully; how cute!

So in the morning I asked Jack "did Santa come?" he replied "NO, he didn't come" (sad face) I think our little guy was expecting Mr Clause to come into his room and wake him up or something, I guess we need to improve our explanation for next year. Well once we took him to see the empty glass, eaten cookie and nibbled carrots the excitement began. Oh then we showed him the stocking that were.....FULL! Jack was super excited. He handed out the stockings like a professional elf. The stockings kept him occupied for over half an hour.

After our cinnamon breakfast we headed into the front room and revealed THE BASEBALL SET Jack was ecstatic and proceeded to hit the ball with amazing gusto putting Grandma in a frenzies. I am surprised that nothing got smashed; PHEW!

After presents and an abundance of wrapping paper we cleaned up, Jack napped and then the Weymouths came!

Dinner was super yummy! Here's the lot of us:

Cafe Rio was the place for a family dinner boxing day.

Third Stop: Utah round two. Stayed with the Fowers; love that couple! Saw the lovely Sanchez and Mrs Robins. Visited with Ben's sister Jessica and her super cute kiddos. I think Joss is the cutest little girl, she has the hair, the smile and the checks. Ahhhh the cuteness!

...back to my family for a walk, some wii and goodbyes.

Fourth Stop: Home...Ahhh so happy to back in my bed.

All in all it was a great Christmas full of everything good; family, friends, joy, giving, smiles, some screaming (not so good), being with my hubby, watching my child's eyes light up with excitement but most importantly we felt the spirit of Christ. I love my Savior and hope that I can live a better life this year. God lives! I know this with all my heart and I hope I never stop saying it:)

happy new year!
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