Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Jack Story

What can I say this kid loves me and I love him too. We have a blast most of the time. Sometimes I freak out at his activities and other times I just ignore the situation and pretend that everything is oh so OK.

HA! Sunday morning was one of those moments when I didn't want to know what my little tyke was up to. The scene: Ben is in the shower I am doing my make-up and there is silence; always a bad sign in Jack case. Jack then opens the bathroom door peaks in and says "hi...stay in here." Well if that isn't a red flag then I don't know what it. I finish my eye shadow, take a deep breath and venture out of my peaceful zone to see the "Jack" damage. The sofa is littered with paints that Jack had skillfully retrieved by taking a dinning room chair into his room to help him access his top dresser drawer. I was not expecting to see little paints lined up neatly on the sofa. I presume that Jack has been planning this one for quite some time. I ask him "what are you doing?" He responds in a high toned happy voice with his head tilted to the side"painting!" HA! This Kid cracks me up. All I can say is I am glad I found him before he used leftover water from the night before to spread paint over my home.

I am this kids biggest fan!

I am challenged daily by motherhood but it is the most glorious adventure.


Michelle said...

What a cutie!! Rex used to always shut the door like that, and that is when I knew I better investigate. Kids are so funny! Sounds a bit like our Sunday, but yours turned out a little better. Mark was in the shower and I was doing my makeup and Rex runs in to tell me that there is another dog in our backyard. Well our backyard neighbors daughter had her dog visiting and it busted through our fence! Abby followed it back over to their yard, where of course the gate was opened and disappeared!! It was the Primary program so I had to hurry and get the kids ready while Mark went searching for Abby. He missed the program. So sad. Luckily we found her. So if it's not the kids, it's the DOG!

Lesley-Ann said...

You can't help but love your little tyke, gorgeous photos Jess ;-)

Katie said...

I love those pictures! You are an amazing photographer, and of course your cute subject makes them even better!

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