Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Sometimes life is GREAT! Other times it is irritating and difficult. Sometimes life is full of the unexpected and sometimes it's perfectly predictable. Life is life. Without the good and the bad, life would be blah. So the opposing characteristics of life add flavor and personality to each day. My challenge to you is to embrace each day.

My life is filled with the following;

Early rising (5:15am as of late), read scriptures, math studies, yoga, being with Jack, feeding Jack, helping Jack pee, clothing Jack, picking up after Jack, playing with Jack, exposing Jack to the world, reading with Jack, singing with Jack, playing hide and seek, running errands, running after Jack, cleaning, finding Jack's treasures hidden all over the house, more math, teaching aerobics, showering, laundry, making dinner, playing with play dough, reading books, hiding jelly beans from Jack, going on walks, running, hugging Ben, watching American idol, blogging and breathing...Ahh, breathing, I love this part.

I can't complain life is at it's best, throwing everything at me. I am learning everyday how to be better and how hopelessly flawed I am. I am so thankful for the gospel of Jesus Christ, without I would be a basket mess, with it is am sane and thankful for my blessings. My life has taken so many turns that I never would have planned for but it is so much better than what I planned.

Here are some highlights of today:

...and yes those are home made dinner rolls, I am finally making rolls that look like rolls. I would post pictures of my first attempts of making dinner rolls but I have too much pride so just imagine bread like golf balls.


Lesley-Ann said...

No wonder you are exhausted at the end of the day. I totally agree having the gospel gives life purpose and makes it all ok when we don't think it is! Your rolls are still looking good - I can testify that they taste as good as the look :-)

bec portsmouth said...

what a busy day you have jess,but you like a fantastic mum and a great wife xxx

Anonymous said...

they look yummy, can you send me the recipe please.

Katie xxx

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