Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Happy Memories

In my previous education post my point was that education begins in the home and that I believe the school you attend will not determine you future but rather your family life will. Although I think my scholastic education growing up was poor my childhood and teenage years were far from dreary. I wanted to share some great memories which will give you a glimpse into my childhood.

First there is my big brother Aaron or "AJ" as we called him growing up. We had a love hate relationship. An example our love is he would give me running lessons. He trained me when I was about 9 years old to run in a county race. During the whole race he rode his bike along side me and gave me encouragement. I came 16th out of 50 so not too bad. An example of our hate, OK Aaron and I had a big disagreement over I don't know what. Anyway, he was really mad at me and decided to go into my room to retrieve the stamps he had given me (yes we collected stamps, we were THAT cool) well I wasn't going to stand for that so I slammed the door in his face not realizing that his finger was in the door. And yes, when I opened the door due to all the screaming I saw the top of Aaron's finger dangling. I think I cried more than he did.

...And you have got to dig his glasses, I can't wait till that style makes a come back!

Beth, BBB as we used to call her. Now she answers to "trotter," "betty" or "betty boo." When she was born I so desperately wanted her to sleep in my room. My mum and dad warned me that she will cry a lot but I was persistent to try out all my mothering skills. Well, after a month I had had enough of sharing my room with a baby. Even though I didn't want to share my room with Beth anymore I loved putting her to sleep. I remember night after night stroking her back while singing her to sleep. I love my little sis. To this day I think my sister was the cutes little girl.

I loved Family holiday's. We always laughed a lot, drove each other crazy, got lost while driving, played competitive swimming games for hours, made the silliest family videos and explored. I love my mum and dad!

Portia, was one of first friends. Being next door neighbors from the age of 3 to 14we spent countless hours playing dress up, barbies, leaky 1,2,3, babies, imagining, roller blading, exploring, playing Polo, eating chocolate, pretending to be sophisticated, playing with her pink Lego, spinning around on her front yard, playing bagsie and having BBQ's(her parents always has great BBQ's). Portia was an awesome friend. I remember when we about 10 we were really intrigued by frogs. We decided to make a book about the life of a frog. We spent hours looking at the frog sporn in my pond. We watched it change into tad poles and then frogs. Our drawings were spectacular.

When we were about 14 Portia came with me to help my parents sell health related materials at a conference. I remember we were exploring the hotel we were in and while in the elevator I produced the biggest burp (which I crazy because i don't burp) and we burst into laughter which lasted for about 10 minuets. Good Times.

We had rabbits. Not just a few, more like a hundred, not all at once but over the years I bet the number of rabbits is quite high. Each summer we would have several rabbits have babies. It was my responsibility to look after the rabbits for most of my childhood. Only a handful died under my care and 1 was eaten by our cat. But most of them lived long lives. My dad created amazing rabbit cages with many compartments. It seems like each year he would create a new and better model. My favorite was when we were moving he made one on wheels. Now I am not talking a little 3 foot by 5 foot cadge. NO. more like a 7foot by 7 ft by 7ft cage. He was serious about cadges.

Gillan Entwhistle and I became friends when we were about 8. We would spend our break and lunch times cartwheeling on the grass with other fellow friends. I remember at the age of 9 we loved Dusty Springfield's music and would sing it all the time. We loved to dance and sing together.

I remember the day this photo was taken. We had just made some awesome cookies and had now moved on to the acrobatic session in my living room. Gillian had the neatest writing ever! I wonder if she still does?

This next picture is of Katie Cook, Tara Ash and I. It was taken on the way to the millennium dome. I remember being in cooking class with these two, a lot of laughter. Katie was the best at cooking and I am sure she still is. Our teacher was Sandra, poor lady. We were a terrible class. I remember one time a couple of us hid in cooking cupboards and she couldn't find us. It was SO funny. We were awful to that poor lady.

I was in the musical "The boyfriend." It was a funny play. I wore my first wig and loved it so every show after I had a wig. Katie was a great Friend and still is. She is really great at keeping in touch, I am slowly getting better. Each time I go back to England she makes me feel so important and as if we have never been apart. She a keeper! Love you Katie.

The Wizard of OZ. This was a show we put on at church. It was so much fun. Everyone had a job and there was an amazing sense of love and community. The wizard of Oz was the first show, later we did Aladdin and Beauty and the Beast. The money raised went to a local charity and were supported by the community, the mayor came every time. Each of these shows I had opportunities to work with amazing people. Nikita Crump a dear friend comes to mind along with Karen and Leslie and so many others who I grew to love as family.

"Fame" another school musical. I played a pourterican girl. I know what your thinking your British, blond hair and very white. Well I got a wig and lathered fake tan on every night. I looked awesome. I loved this show. We had a fun time putting it together and wonderful memories were created. I will share a funny experience. Me and a friend nipped to the bathroom before the dress rehearsal began. My friend and I were having a personal girlie talk. As I enter the theatre the sound crew are all looking at me red faced and one said "I think your mic is turned on." Yes, they heard everything! Awkward.

Oh, did I mention I got to ride a car at the end of the show? Well,I did! That's me on the car with black hair.

I was a member of "The Loughborough Amateurs" a theatrical group for several years. "Hello Dolly" was my last show I did before coming to America. We had glorious costumes and great wigs (real hair) and the company was great fun. This particular show had an amazing live orchestra that made your heat dance.

And then there is my dancing school. I spent half my after school time dancing with these wonderful girls. We had such fun during our dance classes. We giggled like girls, freaked out before exams and danced beautifully. But I hated the pink tights and still do. Black tights are much better.

Church has always been a huge part of my life. I loved my leaders and the experiences that I gained from their lessons and examples. I attended seminary(a Scripture study class) from the ages 15-18. The first two years I did attended every morning from 6-7am. The second two years I did three early morning and two evening classes. I learnt so much from these classes. My testimony of Jesus Christ grew in abundance during these years. Thanks Jean, Mum and Aaron.

My horse Shrimp was best friend to me. I loved escaping my world and entering the world of day dreaming with my horse. I have so many found memories of being with my horse. I loved her so much. Along with the horse we had cats, dogs, chickens, ducks, goats, a sheep and of course rabbits. For a few years it was my responsibility to milk the goats daily. If you have never milked a goat I don't recommend it. Goats eat anything. ANYTHING! I would put feed out in front of the goat to distract her while I milked her. Goat's also eat very fast. As soon as Mildred, the goat had finished her breakfast she turned her head around and would begin munching on my hair. Yes, it hurt. Also, our goat Rufus drinks his pee, while peeing. Don't ever get a goat!

Well, I had fun taking a trip down memory...must do it more often.


Nate + Carlee said...

Jess! Look how cute you are! And I must say, when you told me you were a chubby baby you weren't kidding! You're just so skinny now it's hard to believe. Also, I LOVE that picture of your brother. I have one of Nate around that age where he is wearing the same glasses--so funny! Also, he reminds me a lot of Jack. It is my dream that someday you will take me to England so we can ride horses together and eat your favorite (favourite) English food (black pudding, right Jess ha, ha, ha)

Miss ya!

Amy said...

I enjoyed reading your trip down memory lane Jess! Thanks for sharing!

Benjamin said...

Lets be honest, this was just a clever ploy to overshadow my birthday post... boo! Shame on you wife... tsk tsk

Jessica said...

Ouch! I feel bad so I will put it before your Bday post.

Lesley-Ann said...

Great post and photo's you reminded me of some great times :-)

Hayley said...

Those were some good times - I'm glad I got to grow up with you and see how wonderful you turned out! Wish you lived closer! xx

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