Friday, March 6, 2009

Long hours, how I hate the bachelor, Math, my big boy and aerobics...

Ben, bless his heart has been working rather long hours lately, often he has not got home until 9 or later. I am so thankful to have a husband who is willing to work hard to provide for his family. Not only is he working long hours in the office he studies for his CPA exam when he gets home. Poor Ben:(

OK I have never seen the reality show "the bachelor" but I am disgusted by the commercials. I don't wish to offend anyone but I don't understand how the show is right?! From what I understand women come to seduce and convince a good looking man, the bachelor, that they are the ONE and win by receiving a proposal. I think the whole idea makes a mockery of courtship. I don't know why but the whole idea just disgusts me and makes me wonder what ideas the teenagers are getting about love and relationships. What happened to old fashioned courtship, dating, love notes, flowers, tummy butterflies, day dreaming about that special someone, being there for one another, crying with one another and all that good stuff that REAL stuff?

So I trying my hardest to absorb math. I am taking my last Math class on line and I am receiving my worst collage grades. Quite depressing. I keep telling myself that I love Math and math loves me. Well one can wish. Right now my focus is graduation with a passing grade in Math.

Jack is potty trained during wake hours. He sits on the loo without a potty seat and happily does his business, well most of the time he is happy about it. He has returned with a vengeance to hitting, any advice? His vocabulary is growing everyday. He counts to ten leaving out 4 and 5. He knows his shapes and colors. He give super great hugs.

I am teaching an aerobics class for ladies in my ward and another ward. I am so happy to have this opportunity to use my skills and it has been a great way to get to know people. Yesterday before class one of the ladies presented me with a gift. I was like; it's not my birthday. She was so darling and the gift was awesome; Victoria secret make up and body spray. I guess the class means a lot to her and she wanted to show her appreciation. I felt so special! I never expected anyone to give me anything but it sure made my day. Receiving a special gift has encouraged me to give more often to those that I appreciate.


Nola said...

So, I totally agree with you about the Bachelor. I think it is somewhat ironic that in real life we freak out about people seriously dating more than one person at a time and most people have a huge problem with the churches background with polygamy all those years ago, but it is totally ok to watch a groups of women more than seriously date one man. Are they crazy? Maybe just desperate.
Thanks for keeping your blog! I love hearing what you are up to these days!

Nate + Carlee said...

I've been missing you and the Jack-attack (and your awesome aerobics class) tons this week! I have been going to story time and Reid's tumbling class all by my lonesome thinking, "Jess and Jack would LOVE this!" Please move back to Provo, who needs a real job anyway?! About the hitting...I have no great advice. Actually, the best advice I have I got from you about that...Jack is still a sweetie, and he'll get over it soon!

Tamie said...

how sweet! who gave you the gift....and jess you MUST know by now that we soooooo apereciate that you're here. and not just b/c you teach us aerobics :) ---though we love you A LOT for that one.
good luck with your math. i cannot help you. i took the remedial math class just so that i could graduate on time....bummer.

J&L Photography & Design said...

I miss you too! Come back!

Michelle said...

I do agree that the Bachelor makes a mockery of courting, but I also agree that most of the world makes a mockery of courting and marriage in general. I look at it the same way I look at Harry Potter. We are clearly taught that witchcraft is evil, however Harry Potter is a fantasy story, written in good fun. It isn't reality. I don't feel that the Bachelor is reality, although the people on it seem to! There is nothing real about dating 25 women who live together and taking them on plane rides and to private concerts, etc. That's why most of the couples don't work out, they aren't falling in love in reality. So for me the Bachelor is mindless entertainment that I indulge in every now and then when I want a break from reality.
Awesome about the aerobics class! Way to go Jess, sounds like you are loved in your ward!
I don't have any advice on Jack, neither of my kids have been big hitters. Maybe it's his way of feeling some control? He has had some big changes, moving and potty training which may be making him feel a bit of a loss of control. Try letting him have control of some decisions and maybe he'll get better.

Hayley said...

I feel the same as you...Josh is gone for way too long...if he even makes it back at all during the week! It will get easier and wont last forever (so I keep telling myself!) xx

The Brownings said...

Hooray Jack!!! I am super impressed! Well, with you as a mommy, Jess, of course he is so smart and talented! Way to go for counting buddy! Your Aunty Jenny is super proud of you! I can't believe he is so far with potty training either! I will definitely need your advise for that one when we get to that point!

Lesley-Ann said...

We are so excited to see you all soon, but especially little man Jack. Lots of hugs and kisses XXX

Rachel said...

Thanks for visiting my site today! I don't know why the document was messed up, but you should be able to download it now.

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