Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Snot and a NEW computer!

Jack and I have been plagued with gallons of snot stuffed in our nose and sinus. It's so sad to watch Jack feel so gross. After his sickness last week it's been hard for him to get over this cold. Each night he has developed a fever and been very lethargic with bags big enough to swim in under his eyes.
Also Jack has been extremely stubborn and throwing tantrums like nobodies business. It's hard for me to determine whether he is feeling terrible or just naughty. I guess it's the terrible two's. I find myself loving being around him or watching the clock for bedtime. Any advice is welcome, I need new ideas or to be reminded of old ones.

On a happier note we got a new computer and I LOVE it!

When our old computer started making a noise similar to that of a race car we decided it was time to upgrade. We have been staring into an ancient screen for the what seems like forever. I never realized how terrible our computer was until I worked on this new beauty.


Kimberly Presbury said...

Sounds like you are going through was we just finished with. We ended up taking Josh into the Instacare last monday because he had had 4 restless nights with high fever and hadn't eaten anything. We found he had a bad sinus infection which in turn gave him two ear infections in both ears. He had to go on an antibiotic but he is better now. We experienced those same tantrums and yelling fits - maybe it's due to the illness. I hope you both get feeling better soon...

Michelle said...

If the cold lasts more than 10 days, from the first symptoms, take him in. Rex often has his colds turn into sinus infections and they linger forever and he gets a fever as well. Sam is normally really easy compared to how is older brother was at this age, but he still has his moments lately. It's a rough age, they are asserting their independence and learning boundaries, yet they still don't understand a lot of stuff which makes them very frustrated. All I can say is be consistent but also realize much of it is completely normal to this age and the WILL grow out of it. Rex did and now he is on a whole different stage of behaviors to deal with!

Nate + Carlee said...

I'm so glad that Reid's not the only fit-thrower...I really think it is the terrible twos. Just before Reid's second birthday (you may remember!) it was like he turned on a switch and became a terror! Just be glad you got potty training over with BEFORE the terrible twos get into full swing! One thing that has really helped Reid is to say "yes" as much as possible, and give him choices on as much as possible (then he might be less likely to fight you on things that REALLY matter) Also, instead of saying "no" a lot, I try to tell Reid what he should be doing instead. So, instead of saying; "you can't touch that" I say; "your toys are over here," or "you can play with this instead." I already know you are a super mommy, so just continue to do your best! We are doing the terrible two thing right now too, so you're not alone! Reid sure misses his BFF. He still asks about the Jack-attack when we pass your old place!

Teagan said...

darn it...I hate when they are sick!!
I hope he feels better and stays that way for a while:)
Niiiiiiiiiiiice Computer!!! can you see my blog okay on it??

Tamie said...

so i'm a total slacker to not even notice that you commented on my blog post :) welcome to our neck of the woods! as of late, i've been really bad about posting on my blog (i'll blame it all of FB!)
andhey---how do you know that i was talking about YOU---there are more than one 23 year-olds running around my "the crowd"? ---just kidding :)
you are so sweet to compliment me so much----i apprecaite it and i'm so glad (seriously) that so many of you young chicks have moved in---i still envision myself that young, so i think that is great (i think that it helps that i also have young kids---maybe starting a family a little later was a good thing after all!)
i'll make sure to come back and visit you ;)

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