Sunday, February 15, 2009

As of late...

A week ago Ben, Jack and I took a visit to the Denver Zoo. We decided to buy a zoo pass so we can go for free all year long! It was a blast, I loved not feeling the need to see everything because we have all year to get personally acquainted with the zoo animals. Jack loved the penguins! He loved watching them contemplate jumping in the water and finally when they jumped he rewarded them with an applause. When he saw the elephants he has a look of disbelief as if he had no idea that they lived other places than in a book and on T.V. In between visiting animals Jack cashed geese, a new favorite animal of his. He had never seen geese until we came to Colorado and as geese are everywhere here he has developed quite the infatuation for them.

Animals we encountered, there were more but my camera battery died.
NOTE to self: charge battery frequently...

Oh by the way while at the Zoo Jack when potty three times. No accidents!

Monday was a sad day- Jack was sick! It has been a while since Jack has had anything other than the common cold. I think he had a tummy bug as he spent the whole day with a high fever, sleeping and vomiting on me. It was gross.

Now I am not a huge valentine enthusiast but we did go to a delightful valentine party which was a blast. It involved food, games, music, great conversation and much laughter; all the ingredients of a great party.

Potty update: Jack is doing great he rarely has accidents. Last week he had three accidents, the entire week! Thats my boy. He poops in the loo too! Starting Wednesday he began telling me when he needs to go and today in nursery he told one of the leaders he needed to go "Pee pee" so she brought him to me and I took him. Also he is learning to hold it if we are in the car. All in all he is doing tremendous and I am so happy I began potty training him.

Life is good!


Blake and Laura said...

I'm glad you had fun at the zoo. We've been twice and loved it. We still haven't seen it all. We didn't buy a pass because we went both times on the free days, but we're thinking of it. Next time you wanna go, let us know. We would love to see you and go to the zoo too.

Lesley-Ann said...

Great pictures Jess, very professional. Good job Jack on the potty training :-)

Megan Miley and Chris said...

Cool pictures! I thought you got them out of a magazine. I hope you two get feeling better soon!

The Brownings said...

That is so awesome! It's good to hear he is doing so well with potty training-it gives me good hope for Jase! I hope he starts feeling better. Give him luvs for us!

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