Friday, February 27, 2009

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Saturday, February 21, 2009

He's up when I'm down and stuff

It's amazing how Ben is always there for me. It's ironic that right after I wrote my "Happiness" post I have had a tough time. Nothing awful has happened just a head cold, a sick kid and too little sleep which made everything dreary. Yesterday, Ben was so great and up beat about life and all we have and especially about Jack. He was a source of strength. It's funny how every time I am feeling down in the dumps Ben is feeling the opposite and fuels me with goodness.

Ben and I team teach 6 year olds at church and today we had a little party at our place. Four boys and one girl. It was intense. One of the parents commented that we were brave but really we were just naive. Although there was oodles of energy we had a great time and after two hours I was left feeling exhausted and glad that I don't have octuplets.

Funny Jackisum: He has decided that a drink is called "aringa," he can say drink just chooses to say "aringa." Jack was too cute in the tub today.

So I found an old friend off facebook. We went to high school together and played opposite each other in several high school musicals. Well his love for songwriting is blooming, check out his songs at: My favorites are "skinny Jeans," "lead balloon" and "I don't mind."

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Snot and a NEW computer!

Jack and I have been plagued with gallons of snot stuffed in our nose and sinus. It's so sad to watch Jack feel so gross. After his sickness last week it's been hard for him to get over this cold. Each night he has developed a fever and been very lethargic with bags big enough to swim in under his eyes.
Also Jack has been extremely stubborn and throwing tantrums like nobodies business. It's hard for me to determine whether he is feeling terrible or just naughty. I guess it's the terrible two's. I find myself loving being around him or watching the clock for bedtime. Any advice is welcome, I need new ideas or to be reminded of old ones.

On a happier note we got a new computer and I LOVE it!

When our old computer started making a noise similar to that of a race car we decided it was time to upgrade. We have been staring into an ancient screen for the what seems like forever. I never realized how terrible our computer was until I worked on this new beauty.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

As of late...

A week ago Ben, Jack and I took a visit to the Denver Zoo. We decided to buy a zoo pass so we can go for free all year long! It was a blast, I loved not feeling the need to see everything because we have all year to get personally acquainted with the zoo animals. Jack loved the penguins! He loved watching them contemplate jumping in the water and finally when they jumped he rewarded them with an applause. When he saw the elephants he has a look of disbelief as if he had no idea that they lived other places than in a book and on T.V. In between visiting animals Jack cashed geese, a new favorite animal of his. He had never seen geese until we came to Colorado and as geese are everywhere here he has developed quite the infatuation for them.

Animals we encountered, there were more but my camera battery died.
NOTE to self: charge battery frequently...

Oh by the way while at the Zoo Jack when potty three times. No accidents!

Monday was a sad day- Jack was sick! It has been a while since Jack has had anything other than the common cold. I think he had a tummy bug as he spent the whole day with a high fever, sleeping and vomiting on me. It was gross.

Now I am not a huge valentine enthusiast but we did go to a delightful valentine party which was a blast. It involved food, games, music, great conversation and much laughter; all the ingredients of a great party.

Potty update: Jack is doing great he rarely has accidents. Last week he had three accidents, the entire week! Thats my boy. He poops in the loo too! Starting Wednesday he began telling me when he needs to go and today in nursery he told one of the leaders he needed to go "Pee pee" so she brought him to me and I took him. Also he is learning to hold it if we are in the car. All in all he is doing tremendous and I am so happy I began potty training him.

Life is good!

Monday, February 9, 2009


I write articles for my Dad's website- and recently I wrote one titled "Eliminate Negativity" and it got me thinking about the power we have to determine the quality of our life. Today's society teaches us that happiness is found in buying a house, having money, nice cars, luxurious clothing, granite counter tops, hardwood floor, the perfect haircut, manicured nails, shopping excursions and more materialistic stuff. I don't think that these things are necessary bad I just think the happiness they bring is temporary and will be replaced as they go out of style. If we rely on these types of things for happiness we will live an empty life and always feel unfullfilled. I don't think that happiness is something that can be found but rather a decision. I believe that happiness is experienced when someone decideds to be happy.

Yesterday in Relief Society we watched a video that showed people from third world countries that daily drink muddy water, that take newborn babies home from the hospital wrapped in newspaper, that survive on little food let alone food that tastes good and is nutritious, that have little or no family alive the list is endless. I just can't believe that I have the nerve to moan about my life when I have a life that is abundant with blessings. I never have to worry about the water I drink, I am healthy, I live in close proximity to several grocery stores stocked full of delicious food, I have a loving husband who supports my spiritually, emotional and financially, I live in an appartment that has heating and AC, I have an education, I have so much stuff, a wardrobe full of clothes, blankets, a computer, a telephone, appliances that make my life convieniant, need I go on?

I have so much.

I am deciding to seize happiness not only because I have so much materialistic stuff that makes life easy and that I have knowledge of God and His eternal plan (that brings me endless joy) but because Happiness is my birthright. So today I open my eyes to all that I have a acknowledge it through pray, action, thoughts, laughter, and speech.

Happiness is my birthright.

Happiness is a decision.

Seize your happiness!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Potty Training Update

Well I have been at the potty training game for 8 days now and I have seen huge improvements. Sunday went surprisingly great. We just stayed with Jack in nursery and took him to the potty every twenty minutes and he went in the church toilet! He even did a poop in the toilet Sunday night at Grandma and Grandpa Carney's.
By Tuesday he was pretty good at going potty for "pee pee" with only one pee accident and one poop accident. Yesterday no accidents but he refrained from doing a poop. Today all pee's found their way to the potty and his only accident was a poop. He is quite unsure about pooping in the toilet and I have heard that this is quite common so I will continue forward.
Jack really likes privacy when doing his toilet business so I pop him on the toilet and say "let me know when you done" and leave. Jack will call me and I will go in to the bathroom to find him clapping his hands saying "Yay! Pee pee! reeses pieces?" I never though I would enjoy seeing pee in the toilet before.
I have been following a book that I downloaded from the internet and I highly recommend it, the website is: What I like about the site is it is practical advice on what actually works rather than child psychology theories. Most of what I read is common sense but it has been really nice to read it before embarking on this challenge. I have found it useful and it is working! Jack is really grasping the concept, each day he is better. I have taken him to the store and he went for a pee in the store rest room. Whenever I leave the house I just take a change of clothes just in case.
I never realized how draining potty training could be. I am exhausted and sick of being in a bathroom but I think it is a small sacrafice to pay to potty train Jack. 

Those Who save Us

I just finished Jenna Blum's first novel titled "Those who save us." I didn't love it and I didn't hate it but I couldn't put the book down. I just had to know what would happen next. I felt like reading the novel was an experience. The experience opened my eyes to the realities of World War Two, the unpardonable choices that were made for survival and the stain that these experiences leave on one's soul.
I don't know if I would recommend this book. It is very well researched and skillfully written but the story within it's pages might be hard for some to digest. With this said I am glad I read it for it has broadened my perspective. 
The book left little to be imagined. The scene's were graffic and uncomfortable and even at times offensive but having read it I am filled with gratitude for my freedom. I live in a free country. As a woman I am valued and respected as a human being. More than anything I am grateful for the freedom that the gospel of Jesus Christ offers me.

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