Saturday, January 31, 2009

I hate diapers so we are potty training

I have always know that I wanted to potty train Jack early so the subject has been on my mind for some time. Before we moved to Denver I had decided that I would begin the "potty training" process once we were settled. We are settled so potty training is the next thing.
I began Tuesday after Jack's nap. We had previously bought Thomas underwear. After Jack woke up from his nap he said good bye to diapers and hello to comfy breezy underwear, plus every 20 minuets he would have a randevu with the toilet. The first two and half days all I did was take Jack to the toilet, clean up accidents and do laundry. I think he wore every pair of pants including pajama pants in one day.

After the first full day of calling it "potty time" Jack was rather reluctant to going so instead I set up the train in the bathroom and "potty time" has transformed into "Percy time" (his favorite Thomas train.) "Percy Time" consists of a pep talk by Percy, watching trains go around the track, looking at pictures of trains and of course doing or attempting to do business on the toilet.

Today is the fourth day and I have seen considerable improvement. Jack went potty for two long "pee pee's" both about 6 seconds long! During this process Jack decided that he doesn't enjoy me watching him while he gos pee pee so he hides under a towel.

I am exhausted and nervous for tomorrow-church but I am really proud of the progress Jack has made. I am determined to stick this out. It will be a tough couple weeks but I am confident that hard work will pay off!


Michelle said...

Good luck. Pottytraining was when I first experienced the amazing stubborness of a toddler. I tried with Rex at Jack's age, it failed. I just couldn't do it. He didn't actually become pottytrained until right after he turned 3. It's been good though because once he got it, he hasn't looked back, no accidents and has only wet the bed maybe 3 times in over a year.

Megan Miley and Chris said...

Sweet!!! I am very eager to get Miley started on the potty training. She asks me all the time to sit on the potty and she sits there for a while. I never say no, but we are still at my in laws so she can't officially start with the panties and all. Since we will be in our house soon (hopefully right?) I am just holding off and once we are there I will break out those cute little panties we have. She is totally ready, and it is killing me that I am making her wait. That is too funny that he hides under the towel. What a funny kid!

SoccerMan said...

Keep it up! Hang in there - it will be hard for 2wks+ but it will be so rewarding! Everytime you see an untrained 3yr old you know it's because their parents were lazy and didn't stick at it!

Angela said...

That is awesome!!! You might try putting those plastic underwear over his underwear, that way when he wets, it doesn't make as big of a mess. Keep up all the hardwork and it will pay off!!!!

kimberly said...

Good for you! Hayden has been asking to go and goes maybe once or twice a day voluntarily so I think we'll start a more aggresive approach during the next couple weeks. Good luck and wish us the same!

Lesley-Ann said...

I'm proud of you Jess, you are a great Mum with a load of patience and because you are determined it will pay off. Kimmy did it with Josh AND you, Aaron and Beth were all potty trained before you were 2years old as well. Just think about the rewards when it gets tough, like having a potty trained toddler, no poopy stinky diapers and all the money you will save YIPPE :-)

The Brownings said...

Look at you! I'm very jealous of your determination! Jase seems to small to be sitting on a big boy potty! I can't even imagine it! I plan on starting him right at 2! (He's getting a potty for his bday!). That is great that Jack is so into doing it! What a big boy!

Michelle said...

I hope no one would actually think an unpottytrained 3 year old has lazy parents. That's like saying a child who doesn't talk well at 2 has lazy parents. Some kids just aren't ready until they are over 3 and that is completely normal according to the experts. Ouch.

Benjamin said...

Before opinions and comments get thrown around like wild dogs, might I add that thank goodness the age at which a toddler becomes potty trained means absolutely nothing in the grand scheme of things. Last time I checked its not something we would be judged on. Every parent does it different, regardless of when, congrats to all who do it. There is nothing I hate more than a grown man pooping his pants.

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