Friday, December 18, 2009

The Awesomeness of Thanksgiving...

It began with a drive; it was glorious and Jack hated it. typical. I am constantly amazed at the beauty God created for us, what a world:)

Off to Grandma and Grandpa's where Ben's sis and gang were. Jack had a blast with his cousins. Dinner was amazing. we were all very satisfied:)

Went to Aquarium with this lovely bunch:

Saw all sort sea life. We even petted a sting ray, Jack thought that was the coolest!

Out to dinner with everyone. Mexican food. This was eventful. Ben and Mark were at a constant debate over Spanish Spanish and Mexican Spanish, it was some what entertaining to watch them. Rex lost a tooth and was terrified, poor guy he had no idea what was happening and we were all cheering, he was bleeding. Funny but sad:( Jack threw up into my hand, I kind of lost my appetite after that. I think we must have been quite loud as the restaurant seemed to clear during our stay.

Jack loved having his cousins around and still asks for them I tell him they are in Idaho and he declares "I don't like Idaho" as if Idaho is some kind of monster keeping his cousins captive.

*I am so thankful for Jesus Christ. Without all he has done for me I wouldn't experience the joy I feel. He is my rock and my redeemer. I truly know that my redeemer lives!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Jack's first Joke...

Jack: Mum I'm sitting on a crack

Me: What Crack?

Jack: Look a crack!

Me: I don't see any crack sweetheart

Jack: (with a twinkle in his eye and a cheeky smile) my bum crack!

How funny is that?! I don't know where he got it from but he sure makes me laugh:)

Saturday, November 14, 2009

The night Of WICKED!!

Only one word to describe it:


I sure love this man, he is my BFF!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Mr. Bath man Jack

Once I’m in my bubble bath
I like to stir up more.
Half the suds go in my eyes
And half go on the floor.
The fun is in the bubbles ‘cause
They giggle on my skin,
And when I stick them on my face
They dangle from my chin.
When I splash them hard enough
They pop and disappear,
Then my bath time’s over ‘cause
I’v made the water clear!


Sunday, November 8, 2009

Guy Faukes Night of fun.

Us English folk know a saying that goes, "oh remember remember the 5th of November." The 5th of November is a day we remember Mr Guy Faukes and has evolved into what we call "Bonfire night." Basically there is fire, fireworks, candy floss, toffee apples, games and just general fun plus notoriously it is COLD. Well last year I decided that I would make it a Carney tradition to have a "Guy Faukes Celebration" so that is exactly what we did on Friday night. If you don't know anything about Mr. Faukes just Google him, ahhhh don't you love the internet?!

So our little shin dig was a date night, NO kids! Glorious idea. We gathered with a bunch of friends (16 in total) to the mountains in an obscure spot; I am amazed that everyone found it. Journeyed over a bridge and followed a slippery frozen snowy pathway to a delightful little hidden shelter. For your interest, me; the worlds clumsiest made it through all the slippery spots and fell flat out when I reached the dry top spot. What can i say, I have got talent!

We started a fire, an essential element of the night roasted hot dogs and loaded them with lots of goodies, hot chocolate, chips and dip filled our tummies. Then we spilt into groups and started a ten minute timer to make the best Guy Faukes. Ours was awesome, well they were all wonderful. Then we put our Guy Faukes into the flames and watched them burn. It was fun to say the least.

After stuffing ourselves silly we went and played sardines in the dark. It was AWESOME! We climbed up steep ravines and got a great but workout, giggled, slipped and climbed on a roof. It was best described in Ben's words, "this reminds me of college!" I guess without children we all got a little crazy.

The groups and their fearless Guy Faukes:

The Crazy Group that embraced my culture:

It was a great night!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Reality Check!

This morning was LONG! It seemed like Mr. Jack was out to make me miserable. I had to nip to the store to get last minute stuff for our Bonfire party tonight. I was walking around the super market feeling exhausted, sick of discipling my baby and all in all feeling like a terrible mum. As I sighed way too loud a gentleman caught my eye and said "enjoy the journey it's over before you know it!" BANG! Wake up Jess! I just wanted to cry. How could I be so ungrateful? I feel reprimanded and will try to be a better version of myself. This man's comment has made me realize just how much I have and changed my perspective.


Thursday, November 5, 2009

Temple date with the Jack Attack.

Yesterday I decided to take Jack to the temple grounds. We had fun talking about how special the temple is and about how we love Jesus. Jack couldn't understand why he couldn't go in, he ran for the door several times.

I am so happy that I live my life in a way that allows me to enter the temple, the house of God and feel of his amazing love. I truly love the temple:)


Tuesday, November 3, 2009


BA HA HA!! I am not a lover of the Halloween celebrations, I don't know why but the whole holiday irritates me. With that said I did make an effort to enjoy myself and try to feel the Halloween spirit, although I can't imagine that trick or treating and eating candy evokes any type of spirit, more like a tummy ache. I put some Halloween decorations up in submission to the little voice of Cheryl Fowers the LOVER of Halloween. For the last few years she has been giving me little Halloween bits and bobs so they graced the fire place. I am trying to love this holiday, I really am!

Now Jack on the other hand LOVED Halloween! He has a blast. Monday morning after he woke up the very first thing he said was "I wanna be a bat for Halloween." SO a bat he was. He was the sweetest bat.

We went to several Halloween celebrations all of which he absolutely loved. It was adorable watching him run up and down the drive ways and knocking on the doors sweetly saying "Trick or treat?" A couple of times he got a little over anxious and asked for several treats; little stinker! By the end he could barely hold his bucket and just wanted to eat all of his sugary prizes. Little did he know that his candy's will be consumed by his sugar tooth father.


-More pics on my photography Blog


Friday, October 30, 2009

Wednesday it Snowed and Snowed and snowed and we played and played and played until all our fingers and toes were numb. Elaine and I made a killer snowman. I'd like to say it was a trip back to my childhood but that would be a fat lie as in little Shepshed England we got so little snow and the one year I manged to make a snowman there was no snow left on the grass. Jack and Ethan played like saints; no screaming, hitting, arguing nothing but happiness. I think jack and I will be spending a lot of time outside in the snow as it makes us happy:)

The lovely snowman who now looks like he has a hunchback but in his glory he looked so splendid, Hershey kisses for eyes, a killer carrot for a nose and we decapitated a bush to give him arms...sorry Green Peace;)

Happy Kiddo. I think Jack is going to develop a fast love for snow time. I think I will use it to bribe him. Hummmm yes sounds like an excellent idea!

RED ROCKS in the snow. This place is beautiful in every season.

MR. Carney LOVES the snow I am hoping we can get a pass to one of the ski resorts this year so he can get some snowboard loving in this winter.

So on our snowy drive (we love to take family drives together) we saw a bunch of Elk. They were seriously surrounding our car at one point. I was giddy with excitement, Ben was looking everywhere but on the road (it is a miracle that we have never has an accident while he is driving) and Jack was chatting away to the Elk through the open windows. It was a huge bonus to my day. LOVE LOVE wild animals.

To see more photos check out my photography blog:

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