Saturday, November 1, 2008

Our little spook: The polite Lion that gently roars

Jack's Halloween was filled with new experiences, wide eyes, candy, friends, lots of walking and little sleep.

Thanks to Ben's mom Jack had an awesome Halloween costume, he was a ferocious lion. OK, he wasn't very ferocious but he defiantly fitted into the category of "super cute."

We took Jack to trick or treating at Ben's work "Novell" it was such a blast watching Jack carefully select the candy of his choice over and over. Jack was in awe and somewhat confused with all the kids and adults dressed up in costume. He took great pride in holding his little ghostly pouch which held his precious candy. If he liked the person offering the candy he would say good bye with a perfectly soft roar. After walking around, what seemed like a bazillion booths we eagerly awaited the raffle drawing. Drum roll please...................Jack won! Ben and I have never won anything but Jack he was born a winner, his super luck won him an awesome play dough set.

After nipping home for have dinner to try to add goodness into our bodies in hope to counteract the abundance of candy consumed Jack again transformed into a lion. Off we went trick or treating with some friends. It was adorable to watch the kids walk around, climb up stairs and tap on doors with eager eyes and hungry bellies.

The night ended at our dear friends the Fowers, for their annual Halloween party. We ate food, chatted, played games and rocked out on Nintendo Wii Rock Band. Lets just say I am amazing at the drums and Ben was born to be a rock singer scoring a mighty 99%. Wow, I married talent!

We were all pretty exhausted by the end of the night especially our little lion and as a result we all slept like babies.


Michelle said...

Jack looks adorable! I love the first Halloween that they understand because it's like magical for them to be able to go to someone's house and get candy handed to them! Sam was like that this year as well. He had his first taste of it last weekend at our ward trunk or treat, so last night he was so excited. When we were getting ready to leave he just kept saying over and over again, "twick or tweat, twick or tweat". It was so cute!

Lesley-Ann said...

Looks like you had a blast love the photos.

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