Friday, October 31, 2008

God sends blessing when I prioritize the right things in life...

The week my mum and sister were in town was the week I had my midterm for my only on-campus class "Somatics." For those of you thinking "what the heck is Somatics?" it is a class that uses anatomy and kinesiology principles in determining the most efficient and expressive muscular pathways when moving. It is a really interesting class that challenges my intellect and my movement abilities. I find the stuff in this class really applicable to dance and most importantly in everyday life.

So, being a super busy week with my family here and Jack being super sick there was little time to commit to my midterm. I felt like that week was a test from my Heavenly Father. I kept praying that I would use my time wisely. Constantly I was presented with choices, priorities to make. I truly believe that my hard work though out the semester thus far and putting my role as a mother and my family first really blessed me in this situation.

When I handed in my midterm paper I felt uneasy as I had proof read it while Jack performed a tantalizing tantrum producing sounds decibels higher than the Eiffel tower. I thought I just have to pass, right now education is not my priority and the blessings received from motherhood and marriage far out way any "A" my paper could receive. Well, today my teacher returned the papers. I was really nervous. She gave a speech about how "C" is average and that we shouldn't be angry if we get average. As I sat there I kept repeating to myself "eternal rewards bring joy not an A on a paper."

Well, I was gob smacked when I saw the grade I had received, I did GREAT! I couldn't have imagined a better grade. As I looked at my grade my eyes filled with tears and a huge smile crept across my face and with a silent prayer I thanked my Father in Heaven. Through the love and power of God I found time to vocalize my understanding of the principles I have learnt in my class in an articulate and clear manner using specific examples which resulted in a great paper.

This experience is a testament to me that God lives and that when we prioritize the right things our righteous desires will be granted. I am constantly reminded that alone I am nothing but with the help of God I can achieve greatness!


Lesley-Ann said...

How come you didn't say that you not only got an 'A' your teacher gave you 103 marks out of 100? Well done Jess I always knew you had it in you to be an 'A' student :-)

Katie said...

You inspire me Jess. You are such a great mom and always seem to juggle things amazingly! Miss being around you but glad I can still read your blog in hopes that your "goodness" rubs off on me :)

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