Thursday, October 23, 2008

Disappointed by road rage

I was at BYU today and as I rolled into the drop off point where there are some 15 minutes parking spots I had to come to a halt. Two yellow school buses were loading handicapped and disabled people. Due to frequent usage there was quickly a line of cars waiting for the buses to load and move out. Now if someone (meaning a good little BYU student) had seen this as they were walking by they might think "oh, that so nice that those people got to go on a field trip" or "it's so kind of those people to organize such fun events for their students." Sadly, the people that I was surrounded by were in cars. It seems that if you are in a car you have the right to let go of all you self discipline and express emotions that are usually completely inappropriate and rude.

It was so sad to watch the helper ladies try to get the wheelchairs on to the bus as fast as possible. I could just see their eyes widen with embarrassment as a dozen cars starred frustrated expressions their way. In side the cars people are huffing, rolling their eyes and cussing under their breath! I just couldn't understand why this behaviour is acceptable when behind the wheel of the car. Then cars began pushing forward to attempt a squeeze past the bus- come on you could cause an accident! Then the honking began. I am really sensitive to honking. It is such a harsh intense sound. I felt so bad for these people on the buses they were just trying to go home after a lovely activity.

This experience has reminded me to always bridle my emotions and seek to always display self discipline. I know sometimes, actually it seems that most of the time I am in a rush but is it really going to matter if I am are 15 minutes late every once in a while? NO. I was really upset that I had to witness such contention that would never have manifested itself if those people were not encased within their car. Road rage is wrong! It is just an excuse to let go of emotion. It really disappoints me to see others act immaturely and selfishly behind the wheel of a car. It seems to me that when driving we should demonstrate our up most ability to show kindness and make rational choices, after all people in cars create accidents that kill other people every day.


Michelle said...

That's sad. It is disappointing how some people act sometimes. I have a hard time not saying something in these situations. One time at Costco this man was in a woman's face yelling at her because apparently she had cut in front of him or something. It literally took all I had in me not to tell him how inappropriate it was to get in a woman's face like you are going to fight her no matter what she did. I decided it was better not to start a fight that Mark would probably have to get involved in. It is frustrating though. Thanks for helping me realize to take it a little slower.

The Scott's said...

You know and most of those people are Mormons too, what a bad example we can be sometimes. What a sad thing that is, impatience can drive us to terrible actions.

Brandon and Lindsey B said...

That's so sad! I'm glad you posted this, it's a good reminder that we can all be a little kinder even when we are "in a hurry". It's so true that we can stand to be late every once in awhile!!

Mrs. Thomas said...

Amen to that.

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