Thursday, September 25, 2008

Count your many blessings name them one by one.

Lately I have been told certain things that have caused me to reflect upon the everyday blessings that fill my life. I really want to focus on my senses that are encased within my body. The human body itself is a testament that God lives! There is no instrument or machine that is as resilient and adaptable as the body. Not only is it resilient and adaptable it experiences life through seeing, touching, smelling, hearing and tasting.

The blessing I see daily...
I see Ben and Jack playing, loving and caring for each other and for me.
I see Ben praying, reminding me to always put God first and with his power anything and everything is possible.
I see Jack learning and trying to share.
I see smiles from so many people who interact with me.
I see Carlee Tulett, a dear friend who demonstrates love and service constantly.
I see myself as a daughter of God, with the potential to become like him.
I see my own healthy body.
I see the mountains and the beautiful fall colors.
I see determination in Ben as he strives to work hard and accomplish school, work and most importantly fatherhood.
I see actions of love carried out by neighbors, friends and strangers.
I see the light of Christ in my life and through others.

The blessings I feel through touch...
Arms hugging me, assuring me that they love and care.
I know Jack needs love when his sticky fingers tug my apron.
A goodbye kiss.
The warm clothes that embrace my body.
Jack's head in my arms remind me of the responsibility and joy attained through motherhood.
A tired body is an indication that I have worked hard.
Blood rushing through my arteries sending needed oxygen to my body let me know I am alive and have a healthy heart.

Smells that bless my life are...
Cinnamon rolls baking in the oven.
The smell that is blown though the canyons of the mountains is like a breath of life to me.
The smell of rain reminds me of my home in England.
The smell of a clean diaper gives me a break and a big smile.
Homemade nutritious meals carry the smell of a healthy diet and a healthy body.
The smell of summer excites me and fills me with energy.
Homemade bread rising in the oven takes my mind back to my Grandma's home and all the fun adventures that were made in her much loved home and garden.
Pumpkin and cinnamon spices make me hunger for Christmas caroling and Christmas decoration.
The smells of horses, hay and straw fills me with anticipation and excitement, tons of memories of my sister and my horse Shrimp flood into my mind.

Sounds that are blessing...
Hearing the words I love you always bring me peace, joy and it increases my determination to overcome my challenges.
Laughter is one of my favorite sounds. I love it when Ben, Jack and I share laughter, it is so infectious.
Piano music takes me back to being a young girl sitting by the piano or laying in bed listening to my dad express his feeling through the black and white keys of our piano. The music played by my Dad helped me open my heart to the spirit of God and all uplifting music continues to do this. The word "mummy." Jack doesn't say it often but when he does I treasure it because I am his Mum and that is amazing.
I love hearing people testify of Christ it fills my soul with the spirit and I feel stronger.
I love hearing the words of Christ in scripture or through song, His words bring me comfort, strength and power beyond my own.
I love to hear the voices of beloved family members who live so far away and yet seem so close at times.

Our amazing ability to taste
I love fresh beautiful strawberries and pineapples. They make me feel fresh and alive.
I love the taste and feel of clean teeth it promotes a feeling of alertness.
English chocolate tastes SO good and reminds me of my family sitting in the lounge watching a movie, playing a game or chatting while enjoying a box of chocolates.
The taste of a snowflake melting on my tongue makes me giddy. Where I grew up snow rarely fell. The snowfalls here in Utah are amazing and I can't wait to introduce Jack to it.
I love the taste of fish, especially halibut and salmon. I am glad God made fish.
Cool water satisfies my thirst perfectly after a vigorous workout.

Too often I only count the big blessing like being married, being a mum and having the gospel and as wonderful as these blessing are I neglect the simple pleasures that fill my daily life. I am thankful that God gave me a body that allows me to experience life in so many glorious ways.

I thinks its time to adopt an attitude of Gratitude.


Amy said...

Thanks Jess, for that reminder. You are absolutely correct!

Lesley-Ann said...

What an absolutely lovely posting, you are so talented Jess. I love you Mum x

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