Sunday, September 7, 2008


School has been reality for a week and although it's been busy we survived and are still smiling. Ben's has quite the semester ahead of him- 18 credits - youch! I am taking one on-campus class and an independent study class. This will be our last semester here at BYU as Ben graduates in December and my last class I will take as independent study, this enables me to finish in Colorado. As I look forward I am nervous and excited. BYU has been a wonderful experience and I want to make sure I sap up all the goodness while I am still here.

Today was our stake conference. I really don't know what was spoken but I am strengthened by the great examples of other young couples struggling to teach their children obedience. I figure this is the season of my life to teach Jack and that often means that I miss out on learning from the words of speakers but instead I am learning from the sweet experiences of motherhood.

Jack is terribly funny! Although he has the ability to drive me crazy he warms my heart with twinkling eyes, cheeky smiles and funny dance moves. He really loves to wrestle with Ben and play hide and seek. Also, he is developing a love for reading, there are a couple of books that he absorbs every word with eager eyes. I love reading to him and yes, of course I do all the voices.

We took a drive up Hobble Creek Canyon after dinner and enjoyed the mountains; we want to get as much of it as possible before the cooler weather sets in. We saw some cows and Jack was mooing to them, and them he began growling at them. We wandered off the path to explore more and saw lots of animal foot prints: deer, elk, moose and we think bear!

Ben is my match fair and square. Before his influence I appreciated nature but his enthusiasm for God's creations is infectious and I love it. One of our favourite things to do is explore. Ben has opened my eyes to see. What I mean by see is to look beyond the pretty landscape and discover the details that give character. When we are out exploring and discovering new places we have the hardest time packing up and leaving. There is something empowering about being together surrounded by awesome beauty. As we train our eyes to see in nature we increase our ability to see each other as God would have us be.

Check out my photography blog for more hobble creek photos and lots more:


Atkinsons said...

I know what you mean about trying to keep kids under control.

Lesley-Ann said...

Another beautiful post and photos. Jack looks such a cheeky monkey.

L & B said...

i love the post, and the video of jack dancing. but wait, you're moving to Colorado?

L & B said...

wait! you're getting yoga certified?? where? i didn't have time to get my certification this summer like i wanted to.

Michelle said...

We couldn't grow up with my parents and NOT love nature! That's all we did for family vacations. Great post!
Just wait till Jack is in nursery, it is so nice to get at least 2 hours of spiritual refreshment!

Katie said...

You're moving to Colorado? I love that place. It's so beautiful and so much to do outdoors! Jack is a cutie! You must have so much fun with him!

Hayley said... really MUST see Mamma Mia despite your dislike of Pierce - I don't like him either (the only film I'll see with him is Mrs Doubtfire) but he's totally unlike Pierce in the film! You'll love it, go and see it and let me know what you thought! xx

The Brownings said...

Those pics of Jack are super cute-I can't believe how big he is getting!! He's the same size as Jase and I still can't grasp his growth-isn't it crazy! Love the tubby time pic!
Give him kisses from us!

Amy said...

Hey Carneys!! I stumbled upon your blog, and am sure glad I did! I loved reading a bit of what your life consists of now! Looks like things are wonderful for you!

You can check up on us at

We'll add you to our list of blog friends, that way I can sort of keep updated!

Lisa said...

Jess, I love your photography so thank you for sharing your pictures and love of nature.

Also, how did the Spanish Fork 5K go?

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