Saturday, August 30, 2008

A visit from Grandpa and hiking to Silver Lake

Ben's Dad came into town on Wednesday. Jack had a great time playing with his Grandpa, he especially loved it when Grandpa threw him on the coach, let's say there were lots of giggles. Ben's Dad is always so kind and generous and this time was no exception, his generosity and love blesses our lives greatly.

Thursday morning Ben and his Dad took a good father-son fishing trip. They had a blast!

The Game

Grandpa and Jack

Father and Son

This morning Ben, Jack and I headed off to American Fork Canyon to embark on a hiking trip to Silver Lake. Ben has been wanting to do this hike for awhile; he spends his free time surfing the Internet for hiking blogs and finding trails on google earth. It was pretty warn this morning, the beating sun didn't help us climb the trail. We had a good pace going and only stopped a few times. When we reached the lake our backs were soaked with sweat! I know it's gross.

Jack absolutely loves the outdoors, when he is outside in the wilderness he is in his element. Today the rocks seemed especially interesting to Jack. He kept finding rocks in the mud and washing them up in the lake water. Jack also got a chance to fish with Ben, it was so adorable to watch them being all father and son. I attempted to fly fish but all I can say is it is harder than it looks. Ben said I need to work on the rhythm of my cast, but it's so difficult!

What a sight

Amazing Fisherman

Daddy and Jack

Thinking what rock to pick

Messy eater

searching for rocks

I can't believe he fell asleep

Still asleep!

Fishing together

Little Brook Trout

What an adventure!
Ward Camp out

I was excited to attend my first ward camp out. I think the reason why this was not a popular tradition in England was the rain. The weather was perfect, food was excellent (oh, how I love corn on the cob) and the company couldn't have been better. Jack loved chasing the little girls around, catching fish with Ben and exploring the tent.

I am so glad that we brought so much camping stuff the first year we were married, because it enables us to do the things we love!

I love to see Jack learn by exploring this glorious earth.


Thursday, August 21, 2008

The truth about Motherhood

I don't sugarcoat motherhood. When people ask me Do you like being a Mother I just can't always answer "Yes, I LOVE being a mother" because there are times I really don't enjoy the responsibilities motherhood. There's the diapers, the tantrums, the in and out during church, messy meal times, the constant mess being re-created over and over, the stubbornness, the long days, the sleepless nights, not to mention the screaming, trying to figure out how to be a better mum and what's going wrong, trying to understand what they want, trying to find peace.

Sometimes, I find myself exhausted with trying to be patient or from following Jack around picking up his mess, cleaning his highchair and vacuuming and vacuuming again and again. Motherhood is tough! Motherhood should be on Mike Rowe's Dirty Jobs, seriously what's he waiting for?

I have decided that mothers are truly the backbone of society. Through the beautiful moments when our children's eyes sparkle with curiosity, when they bury their head in our chest seeking comfort, their giggles and hunger for discovery, when they dance by bopping their booty, when they try and pray with us, when they need us more than anyone or anything else, it is these moments that fuel us mothers to get up every morning and use every ounce of energy to be the best Mother we can using the knowledge we have. In doing this we are paving the future. What a wonderful responsibility and opportunity to make a difference.

What responsibilities we mothers have, I know I couldn't do it without the divine help of God. Since I have embarked on the journey of motherhood I have spent more time on my knees asking God for direction and guidance, what a blessing it is to know that someone far more powerful is ready to lend a heavenly hand. Although being a mother has it's downs the ups far out weight them. I am still so inexperienced but I have seen how being a mother has molded me in a better person and I hope that I will seize each challenge and allow it to continually make me better.

I may not always love the responsibilities of motherhood but I always am HONORED to be a mother. I am honored to spend each day trying to teach Jack that Ben and I love him, about the world in which he lives, about his potential and about his Heavenly Father.

Being a mother is the greatest privilege and blessing.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Time with the family in Twin

We decided it was time to take a trip to Twin Falls Idaho and enjoy some quality family bonding. Amongst the beautiful yard, the incredible slip and slide, the Twin Falls temple, the Olympics, T-Rex play park, Michelle, Mark, Rex, Sam and of course the amazing duo Grandma and Grandpa it was a top quality weekend.

Jack had a blast exploring his new environment. Jack's world in Provo is flat, meaning we have no stairs for him to practice the baby Olympic sport of Stair Climbing lacking experience Jack was baffled by the stairs. Jack constantly found himself confronted with scary 1-3 inch stairs. To begin with he would approach and retreat until he decided that there was no chance he could over come his fear of height. After watching his cousin Sam successfully defeat every stair in his way Jack began taking note of good stair climbing tactics. I must say he can now get down stairs in a slow and steady manner which I am very proud of! Another proud moment was when Jack said "om pa" while pointing at Grandpa Rex. Oh, how he is growing up!

A beautiful morning walk to the temple.Jack was enthralled with Angel Moroni.
Ben, Mom and I went through the open house for the Twin Falls temple on Friday: it was perfect. I felt privileged to be within its walls, admiring it's beauty and feeling the spirit that resides there. I know this temple will bring great joy and blessing to those that live there.

The newspapers said that 160,000 people walked through the Temple over the last 6 weeks!

Fun moments from our trip

Checking Sam's diaper situation

Fighting the water

Bottoms, we saw lots of these two

Rex and Sam

A highlight was when Grandpa Dave joined in on the slip and slide fun.

I know its weird but one of the best things about visiting family is not having the responsibility to plan meals. Planning meals is the biggest pet peeve of mine and having a couple days of freedom is great!

We always eat like kings when we stay at Mom and Dave's home plus we got to shop in their amazing food storage pantry. Their generosity is priceless and provides a great example for us to follow.

Monday, August 11, 2008

A day of firsts:

Ridding a yellow school bus, Running a half marathon and Blacking out while running

The day began at 4am, Carlee and I drove to the drop off and caught my first yellow school bus up to the canyon where our race began. I felt like I was in a movie riding in the bus it was definitely a highlight. When we arrived at our starting spot it was cold and dark. We had to wait for an hour and a half in the cold in only our shorts and t-shirt. We started the race a good 15 minutes late. It was so cool running with so many people, the road was packed and we kept dodging people it was like a game.

So, we get 5 miles into our run and I am feeling great and then collapse! Yeah, I completely blacked out and Carlee said my legs just gave way into something that looked like the splits. Within an instant I realized I had blacked out, felt a little tingly, walked for a minuet and then started running again.

The run was great until the last 2 miles- yoch, they were a killer. The worst part was we looped around the finish line- it was such a tease. The entire last two miles my mind was going crazy: give up, NO you can do this, I am so tired, You are wonder woman, my legs hurt, pull yourself together....... But I had to keep up my shuffle to prove to Ben and Jack that I ran. It was lovely to have them come and support me even if they had to wait half an hour.

Happy,Tired, Sweaty and Stinky!

Well, it was a great experience, our time was 2hr 15min, Slow and Steady is our motto. I definitely want to run another half marathon, maybe lots but I currently have no desire to run a full marathon. I really love the health benefits of running, its so convenient and cheap. Yay for running!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Jack is SO funny!

---Being Squirted

---Jack getting a hair cut from daddy---

Sporting his daddy's shrit from the 1980's


Sunday, August 3, 2008

Glorious Hiking!

Yesterday, Ben, Jack and I embarked on an adventure to Lake Mary and Lake Catherine located up Cottonwood Canyon, Utah. The trail head began at Brighton Ski slopes. Well, I might run frequently and dance but I am rather out of shape when it comes to hiking. The hike we did the other week up Diamond Fork Canyon was easier than this one. The first stretch of the hike winded us considerably but after a while we developed a rhythm. The sites were majestic and glorious. The lakes were deep and clear, filled with wonders.

Once we arrived at Lake Catherine, the third lake, we found a comfortable spot and had a picnic then Ben fished a little while Jack and I examined wild flowers. Much to Ben's happiness he caught a beautiful little Brook Trout, a feisty little fellow with vibrant colors. On the way down we were lucky enough to see a huge bull moose. He was on the other side of the lake so we felt safe and thrilled to witness such a creature. The entire journey we were accompanied by little ground squirrels scurrying across our path, it was lovely to see Jack watch them with inquisitive eyes.

Lake Mary

Lake Mary

The Second Lake (I don't know the name)

Jack with food in his teeth- Yum!

Ben fishing at Lake Catherine

Beautiful Brook Trout

Inside of a wild plant

Being in the wilderness bring me such joy and the words of a much loved hymn spring to mind;

For the beauty of the earth,

For the beauty of the skies,

For the love which from our birth

Over and around us lies,

Lord of all, to thee we raise

This our grateful hymn of praise.

How wonderful it is to have the means and opportunity to embrace such beautiful landscapes, they remind me of my eternal creator and my eternal potential.

Some Wild Flowers

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