Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Alrightly, I have been neglecting my blog. sigh. I have decided that it is time to update, so here goes:

A while ago Jack and I invited Megan and Miley over to make some puppets for the puppet theatre. We all had a lot of fun. Jack got a little rough with little Miley. Huh. Boys can be so boisterous. I kept telling Jack that Miley was a princess and that he needed to be gentle but I cannot say he understood. I will continue to help him be gentle.


The puppets

My handsome boy with his puppet. Yes, the puppet is rather girlie- sorry Ben!

A couple weeks ago we were blessed with a visit by Ben's dad. He only stayed for a night but we had fun hanging out and playing. Jack really enjoyed being with him. Ben and I both think that Jack looks a lot like his Grandpa! We are very thankful for dad's kindness and generosity.

Jack going to kiss Grandpa!

Finals passed. Phew.

Sadly, Jack got sick twice. The second time Ben was sick too. It was sad having my two favorite people sick. They had a horrid tummy bug, poor Jack was so mellow, weak and lifeless. It just broke my heart to see him sick, there was nothing I could do, just cuddle. During the sicknesses we went to Twin Falls Idaho to visit Ben's Mom and Step Dad, Dave. It was a lovely relaxing weekend. We spent time catching up, taking short walks, playing in the yard and eating good food. We are so blessed to have a wonderful family. Ben's mom has an excellent food storage in their basement similar to a grocery store. She insisted that we take food home with us. After filling two trays full of caned goods we got packed and left for home.

Jack had many poop explosions, diarrhea style, needless to say he spent sometime in the sink getting rinsed off

The Visor

The lovely Falls

To round things off, today I took jack swimming for the first time! We went with Kim and Josh. It was awesome! Jack was a little apprehensive at first but soon got comfortable. He looked adorable in his swim shorts. We are signed up for swim lessons this summer and I can't wait.



Cami said...

Wow swimming lessons already! He seems so young still, maybe because it seems like you were just preg. Cute pictures, you all look like you're doing great.

Lisa said...

I am so glad that Jack and Ben are both over that yucky stomach bug! :) Watching your loved ones be sick is so awful.

The Brownings said...

That close up of jack in the visor is so adorable! He looks like a big boy!!! It's happening too fast Jess!

The Gorrells said...

Fun! Miley and I went swimming for the first time the other day too! She LOVED it. And I love that visor on Jack. The picture of him on Ben's head, is precious.

Bryan and KathrynScott said...

Jessica you are such a cute mom with the puppets I love it! I miss you so much every Tuesday morning I am sad because I miss your aerobics class! Thank you so much for those classes I loved them so much.

Kat said...

I want a visor!!! although I wouldn't look as good as Jack does in it. That visor was made for him!

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