Tuesday, May 27, 2008

'Ello Chappy, we are 'er in green, rainy England.

We have been in England for 11 days thus far. A little recap of our adventure up till now:
This year I have the shortest birthday so far. We left on Friday 16th (my birthday) at 7am and during the plane ride, passing through time changes I lost 7 hours of celebration. This was a huge bummer as I love being cramped on a plane eating a slightly warmed delicacy that it served on what reminds me of school dinner trays from my early years. Yes, I am being facetious, I was happy to loose the hours in return to arriving safely and quickly at Heathrow airport in London. Now a word or two about my favorite one year old (yes Jack is now 1 but I will get to that discussion) he did great. Ben and I were astounded at Jack's happy and cooperative behaviour. The first flight he slept for an hour and then chatted to the gentleman sitting next to us. The second flight he practically slept the entire flight! We were so blessed and I have no complaints just lots of gratitude.
When we arrived back to my home Blackbrook Farm House I must admit I was exhausted! After a brief nap I, accompanied my mum and sister to a beautiful salon to get my haircut for the surprise birthday party for my dad which also happened to be for me too! Now, I understand why my mum was adamant that I get my hair cut and have it look lovely as I would be meeting a mere 70 people that evening and must look smashing.
As my mum had been playing little miss secretive my Dad thought the party was for me and I thought I was for him. So we were sent off to retrieve some cream from the grocery store to allow time for guests to arrive. When we arrived back to house the drive way was littered with cars, we both shared a little surprise as we though it was to be a smaller gathering. As the car passed the garden (yard) we saw the 70 odd people holding a massive birthday banner with our names on it. Dad stopped the car, looked at me and I at him, reversed and took another look at the banner. To say the least we were both pleasantly surprised.
It was wonderful to see so many loved faces that I see too little of. I am so thrilled that my mum when to the effort and stress of doing this for us. Some how I gained a ton of energy and was flying around the crowd catching up with old friends, laughing and reminiscing.

The Banner

Just a note from day one of being England up until now Jack has slipped right back into his schedule and has slept from 7-7 and yes I am bragging!
Sunday was the 18th and the anniversary of 16 hours of labor feeling exhausted, overwhelmed and truly amazed at the ability of bring babies into this world. Ben and I were talking about how blessed we have been to have Jack in our lives. Our lives are better because of him, we are better we because of him. He has grown so much these last 12 months, I am amazed everyday at the lessons I learn from being around him. He is such a talkative and pleasant boy, most of the time. Some times he does drive me crazy but right now I will just reminisce all of Jacks wonderful qualities. For this little celebration of the momentous event of achieving a year of living my Auntie Sarah and her family joined us for dinner, cake, pressies and a lovely walk.

Jack's birthday morning

Ben (with tissue plugging up his bloody nose)and Jack with Chester and Finley my cousins.

Finley with Zak our dog


The incredible Cake staring Ben, Jess and Jack Carney!


The following Monday Ben, Jack and I took a trip to a little quaint town called Ashby-de-la-zouch, just a ten minute drive from my house. We visited a church that our ancestors from the 1500's attended (thanks to my Grannie who is the superwoman of genealogy we gained this information) and had dinner in a pub, took a walk and played at the park.

Ben and Jack in Ashby

St. Helen's

Jack and I in the Pub

Ben left us and went off to London on Tuesday and we meet him in London on Saturday to see the musical WICKED! And yes, it was wicked! I loved the show. For the last 3 years I have been listening to the soundtrack, memorised the lyrics, mentally choreographing the dance numbers and directing imaginary actors- I am a musical theatre freak and I love it. It was great to see how the show actually came to life. The performers were exceptional, goosebumps tickled my body as Elphaba let her voice sore in Defying Gravity, WOW!

Mum, Beth and I at the train Kings cross, London

Dad, Beth, Ben and I ready for Wicked.

Since I have been home I have already managed to fall of a horse. I used to be alright at mounting a stripling horse but I have been out of practice and now take orders and advice from my little sister, sigh, she is better than I ever was and ever will be so I try to listen.

My sister Beth the Horse expert with her horse Cyril

Beth and Jack


Beth, Jack and I bonding

Me with the horses after a long ride

Well, I am excited to see Ben this weekend, I miss his humor, cuddles and companionship (OK that's a little sappy but deal with it) we will be going to Wales for a long weekend to learn how to speak with a rolling, bony accent, wish us luck!



Jessarella said...

Looks like you are all having an amazing time!

Cami said...

How nice to be home for so long! It's such a beautiful home, I wouldn't want to leave it ever.

Michelle said...

Oh I am so jealous, you look like you are having an amazing time! That's great you get to be there for so long. I am so sad that I didn't get to talk to you on your birthday and Jack's birthday because I had NO idea how to get a hold of you! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Please give Jack a hug for me and I need to see him soon! Sam misses his cousin.

L & B said...

Jess, how long are you home for, is ben doing an internship there or something? either way, it is a beautiful home. I'm like cami, I would never leave.

The Brownings said...

I'm so very jealous! I hope the rest of your trip is as fun as it seems it has been so far! Loves :>

Laura said...

You're home is beautiful. And so green. And I love Jack with spiked hair. What a hunk!

The Gorrells said...

When do you get home? You have been gone forever!

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