Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Ben turned 25!

Last week Ben had yet another birthday. He is a quarter of a century now, the big 25. Sad for him, he had a crazy day with presentations at school and lots of homework. We did get to go out for dinner at Tucanos. The food was excellent, endless meat, yum yum.
We also took a trip to the tumble gym. The tumble gym is a fun place where great amounts of bouncing happens.

Jack was excited about helping Ben open his pressies. He got a lot of backpacking essentials. We hope to spend lots of time out in the wilderness this summer.

I feel so blessed to have Ben in my life. He makes me laugh, brings me great joy and helps me be a better person.



Lesley-Ann said...

Hey like the matching trousers sorry pants guys, you look it a model couple.

L & B said...

yall are such a beautiful family! We have to see yall soon! It's been far too long in our lives with out the Carney's. Sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you jess. We live on Freedom Blvd. now. I thought I told you that we moved?

mwaymo said...

Cute! We love Ben and you have been great for him!

kimberly said...

not fair man you have already been fishing....hey bud how ya been? When you coming to Idaho it sure does miss ya and the fish here miss you. Bert

kimberly said...

Oh and Happy Birthday man.

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